You have master the art of thinking when you overcome biases.

Which one is your favourite?

A few I like are:
- Survivorship bias
- Hindsight bias
- Familiarity/Mere exposure effect
- Dunning Kruger (well ofc.)
- Confirmation bias
- Self serving (for that ungrateful bitch)
- Sunk cost fallacy

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    team dunning kruger 👋
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    If you think you have overcome biases, it is a yet another bias. You cannot overcome them.
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    The survivorship bias is so cool.
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    @heyheni hahahaha this made my day.

    I forgot to link the chart, let me do it for you. You'll love it.

    @c3r38r170 absolutely. I got to know when I was reading about Google guys, how they became successful, and then the bias was mentioned. It blew me away completely.
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    Confirmation bias all the way. I see it as the main (not only, but main) driver of America’s current state of political dysfunction. Everyone hears what they want to hear, myself included
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    @10Dev cUsToMiSeD fEeDs

    Classic implementation by The Social Dilemma.
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    @10Dev I feel personally attacked sir!

    My fragile snowflake ideals are broken, and you're what's wrong with this country! /s
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    What is that self serving bias about?

    Personally I think survivorship bias is the strongest. Everybody is falling for it all the time. We have the all mighty internet and still people manage to fall into some MML scheme. As well as confirmation bias produces a steady stream of anti-vaxxers.
    All this information at our fingertips yet none makes it through our cloudy brain.
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    Wow, that is a huge chart.
    Wonder, whether most of them are actually somehow also the reason our species still exists...
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    Toolbox fallacy.
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    You can often notice Dunning-Kruger on yourself if there appear to be many experts and a clear hierarchy between them in a field and while you aren't really a part of that you still have very strong opinions.

    However, as student of a field I find it very entertaining to educate Dunning-Kruger people if they are willing to participate by asking questions and trying to understand the long answer, so IMO the best behavior at all times is to have an opinion, listen to other opinions, compare them to yours and be critical about both. Mount Stupid is actually a product of several fallacies and if you fight those rather than people you can lower the peak and make the crossing quicker.
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    @heyheni lol makes sense to me
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    @Crismon self serving bias is when things go right you credit the success to your hard work and efforts and dedication and all. But when they don't, you blame the failures on circumstances, people around you, etc.
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    survivor biases, most of my friends are fucking dead or have been incapacitated physically in one way or another.

    I fucking hate this feeling.
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    @AleCx04 wait... What?
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    @Floydimus I wonder why Occam's Razor is mentioned there as a "bias" while it's a tool against biases
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    @iiii is it? I didn't notice that.
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