Currently learning programming (c#) and I can't wrap my head around classes can anyone give me some tips?

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    Wrap it! Welcome to devRant. Enjoy your time here!
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    @CozyPlanes thanks man everyone is so friendly here :D
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    Try reading up on MSDN or dotnetpearls if you have questions about specific things, those are some great resources with good examples.
    You might also sign up for Microsoft Imagine (formerly DreamSpark) to get free access to their courses which might prove very useful!

    Good luck! =)
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    Read some theories regarding object oriented programming. :)
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    Is C# the first programming language or do you have pre-knowledge?
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    I like to think of classes as mega groups of functions, and because they all work together they can do more powerful things.
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    For types, you have to think of the whole object and then the separate parts. For example, you could have a Car class, with a property of door, window, and steering wheel. The class contains the items that make up the thing it's representing (a person, an order, etc.). when you do something like var citroen = new Car();, it creates a variable that has the instantiated properties of Car. So you then have citroen.door as well as Car.door, but you can only access the property in a variable (unless it's static but that's something else). Once you get the hang of it, it'll become second nature.

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    @RhysOC makes alot of sense thanks man!
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    Welcomes very muchies 😄
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