What do you guys think about conditional salary?
Today I got a 18% raise. I'll get another 18% (on the old salary) as soon as I pass the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certification.
I'm pretty excited as this puts me in control of my salary to some extent. What do you guys think?

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    Does it matter what do we think? What do YOU think?
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    Most probably it will cause your internal evaluation to diminish the value of your work.
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    @Cyanide as I said, I'm pretty excited about this.

    And although it does not "matter" what others think, I always loke having opinions from people who are more experienced and knowledgeable than me. That way, when I form my own opinions, I can use the advice and comments. I am very young, and arguably very naive.
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    Good. Quite rare.

    Depends on your current salary though. 18% of very little is very very little.
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    @craig939393 sadly, the currently salary is very very little. Kids in the US make more than my monthly salary in an hour doing TikTok.
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    @nanobot go for the skill then and salary is a bonus. Then look at next skill. Eventually you will have enough skills that money is no longer the issue.

    ATM I am working at £15,000 below my market value because it got me into a technical management position and I feel confident that in 3 years I will be able to go for a job paying £40,000 more than I make now.
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    I would happily give up 18% of my current salary not to have to learn salesforce.
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    ... depends on the conditions
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    @ostream yeah I know 😅

    But I'm waayyyy too poor to have choices. I'm investing in some "good" tech outside work, hoping to have some great options a year down the line.
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    @nanobot hey we do what we got to do :) I worked with tech I don't like but trusting yourself to get a job you actually enjoy is important,
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    @nanobot Don't do it! Salesforce isn't worth. Your rants have helped me with a crap Salesforce project I am a part of.
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    So if anyone is still interested, i didn't do the certification. But I studied a bit for this and trained myself a bit of Salesforce, so they put me in the core research and development team. The hike was way better than promised (probably because I had another awesome offer, but whatever).
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    @xJubeix LoL I couldn't force myself to the certification. I gave up halfway after being comfortable with LWCs and APEX. I can read code now pretty well, but God for it I have to write complete multimodule logic from scratch without someone watching over me 😅. That'd be a disaster I think.
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