Limitation as a way to force creativity. What do you think about this?

Platforms such as Vine or Twitter limits you somehow, but people still found a way to build their creativity around and grow a following. At the same rate, most Game Jams give you a theme and sometimes some kind of limitations and the result is in almost every jam at least a few interesting games.

Now, looking specifically at dev work, some frameworks or languages limit you somehow. Lets think about Rust safety or Node single threadness.

Do you think those work as limitation to enhance creativity as well? Not necessary by design.

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    I guess so, in real life people also try to find hundreds of ways to bend the rules
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    "Necessity is the mother of innovation" or something like that
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    i think people confuse creative workarounds of limitations, with actual "i did a painting/composed a piece of music/etc" type of creativity.

    that second type, let's call it pure/artistic creativity, usually flourishes when it doesn't have much limitations beyond those natural to the medium.
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    @Midnight-shcode Good point, free creativity and constrained creativity might need to go in different tiers, as the comparison is not fair.

    @JustThat Very interesting perspective in the article. Many interesting (and fun!) facts. I like the idea of constraining yourself outside the box, instead of just using a tighter box.
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    @KennyTheBard good cathegory names :)
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