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Title: Fix bugs
178 files, +615, -743

And it had passed review by not one, but two (allegedly) intelligent people.


Luckily I am overtaking that domain and won't allow such bullshit. Mainly because I will be the author of the commits.

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    "Fine! I'll do it myself!"
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    I kept telling my new devs to not submit that.

    If it's a planned rewrite, sure--go for it.

    One day I just started rejecting them with a single comment, TLDR.

    Boss man got mad nothing was getting done. Told him I won't review the code properly because there's just not enough time. Told me to push it anyway.

    When I merged my comments were: Boss man said these have to go out but it would take me x days to properly review these. I have warned him on the impacts.

    We hadn't introduced a major bug in over a year. Within two weeks there were five.

    While on the incident call to patch I asked Boss man what his thoughts were on how so many bugs were introduced. Silence.

    I go back to rejecting long PRs. Still silence.

    Sometimes to make people understand, they need to experience the pain.
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    @sariel I love the TLDR reason 🤣
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    @devRant, give me more ++ to smash for @sariel's comment.
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    but... but... there are more deletions than there are additions. bugs were removed. that's definitely a good thing. #sarcasm
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    @shine I am mostly concerned about how undesriptive that commit message is. Like, okay, you've fixed some bugs, but which ones and how exactly?

    Also that merge had several unrelated changes in it as well.
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    @iiii I feel you. I've been a 'commit Nazi' as much as I am a grammar nazi.
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    Yeah I had to have this discussion with a collegue the other day. I think it is so hard to have these discussions. He is like 20 years older than me, so I have very little natural authority. But he bundles together 3 separate bug fixes and a refactor in the same commit. I just told him I would not approve it unless he splits it because I will else 100% surely miss any new bugs, seems like he agreed. Atleast to my face
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    @G4nin0 that doesn't happen everyday. That person deserves respect!
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    I think legally you are obligated to give yourself admin rights to edit any PR and proceed to delete this one.

    Then when the dev ask you to review his PR, tell him "What PR? I don't see any PR."

    Repeat until he gets it.

    /jk btw don't actually do this
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    @sariel i love your style! Best way of teaching is hands on, with the failures and downtime, whole package
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    @KennyTheBard would you like something like this? https://devrant.com/rants/1953714/...
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    @shine that was clearly wrong from your side.
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    @shine I feel like this could give him some trauma and a life long lesson at the same time. I love it!!

    I would die to have it happening to me, but i agree that sometimes, lessons stuck better when you can get a taste of what could go wrong.

    Well played!
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    @iiii I agree it was more on an extreme end. But I hope you read the conclusion of the story. It ended very well.

    Otherwise I'd be very embarrassed to narrate that story the way I did there.
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    @shine yeah, I agree that some lesson is better adsorbed than constant teachings. Not that extreme as in your case, but anyway
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    “Fix bugs” title says it all
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