Once a friend asked me to teach programming to him so I started with basics and hello world. Run the code and printed "hello world" on command line. Then my friend opened a new command prompt typed hello world and told me he can write that without all of the bs and that was the end.

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    Of course, he can also write all his documents with ink onto a piece of papyrus and send them via pigeons.
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    Ask him "What is the meaning of life ?"
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    And that's why he probably works in a call centre and you're a coder
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    That's when you make a for loop that prints out an incremental number a million times and ask him how he'd do that.
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    I hear anyone can code and make mobile apps. I always ask what they are building right now. Uhhh uhhhh
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    @georgelynch #scratch #appinventor
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    You made my hour !! Because I need more this type of rant for day 😎😊
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