In 50% of my cases, I need to go into emergency mode and re-attempt the mounting since some partition failed to mount.

Anyone having a similar case where you need to semi-manually keep to "hit your old distro to keep running"?

Personally, I'm fine with that. Running an about 4-5 year old Manjaro installation where I did a lot with it. I see it a testament to my learned knowledge that I can keep ot running.

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    Have you changed or restored that drive at any point in the past 4-5 years?

    If so, your GUID probably changed. Check that disks GUID against the one in fstab.

    If it's different, copy the line, update it with the right one and comment out the old one. If you need to roll back you still have the original that works 50% of the time.

    Although, you might see two entries in fstab, just comment out the wrong one.
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    @sariel This hard drive should be around 3 years old by now, but also ever only experienced light use.

    I usually replace them after about this time, depending on how heavy I used one. so far I never had the problem of a really old harddrive that god corruped badly.

    The weird part is, that what exact partition fails to mount is random. Sometimes I also have one of my home partitions fail to mount (I have /home in btrfs raid 1).

    My best guess is that mounting all those btrfs based partitions times out at some point.
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    Looks like some of your init shit rotted away in some update and you never did the manual migration steps to fix that.

    But it is a systemd. Plenty of people use that OS now. So it should be easy to find a solution...
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