Soo truee!

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    My fucking gf does this constantly, but shit like 'my mom sent me a message on Facebook'. So fucking annoying
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    Some of my "developer" coworkers do this as well, but with things like "look at the (not urgent) pull request I just made (even though you also got an email notification and a chat about it just now)" and other annoying things. I say "developer" in quotes because if they were real developers they would understand how much they interrupt each time they do that.
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    I have to work in the same room as an 18 month old.
    Endless distractions no matter how loud my music is ._.
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    This becomes hugely annoying when they call you from another room. And you're kind and generous to leave your desk and go. And the fucking question is irrelevant.
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    @Ashkin, why not 1 and half years? Really sick of converting the American language... 😂
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    @sragha45 18/12.0 is difficult? Come on Sragha! 😜
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    @sragha45 babies are measured in months 😅
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    @sragha45 they're measured in months for the first two years because it's easier to track their development, shots, etc.
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    @sragha45 actually as a soon-to-be father I now understand why parents count in months and not years; it's just the more appropriate unit of measurement for a lot of key developmental points before a certain age (plus, it's what all the doctors count in anyway). You won't use km to measure the width of your bedroom right?
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    @kshep92 also, would you then say that the kid is 0 years old until it turns 1 if you wouldn't say how many months it is? 😁
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    @girlybrackets true, but even after a year months is still used as well.
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    Ugh, need to send that to my coworkers
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    This is my mom when she tells me to go outside and get some sun light and go make friends.. ugh annoying.
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