To anyone who ever got annoyed at all the "thanos was right" people who repeated it to the annoyance of everyone, for months on end:  the studio did it so the Hollywood misanthropes could sell their doomporn malthusian claptrap to the subset wanna-sound-smart crowd of farthuffering intellectuals in the public.

Now you can't walk six feet without every other dude and their f*cking dog spouting off at the mouth about "thanos was right!"
Like no shit? You DONT SAY! None of us could have possibly had this brilliant and never-before-experienced flash of revelation opinion of thanos. As insightful and innovated as the man who once realized cat rhymes hat. Truly a legend worthy of admiration and accolade.

pure nonsense.

Hes a mass murderer. An absolute monster based purely on the scale of his actions. The scale of his murder elides over any moral considerations of intent or pretensions of intent, and sincerity no more absolves him than sincerity absolves a terrorist.

What this movie should have done for all the thanos dickriders or would-be dickriders, is taught a valuable eye opening lesson: how easy it is make people in general agree with anything--anything at all, no matter how appalling, how monstrous, so long as the instigator is framed sympathetically on the golden screen. It should have opened your eyes about just how powerful and susceptible you and anyone else are to propaganda.

Dont believe me? Take your most hated politician, left or right. Now imagine they did exactly what thanos did.

Would you still be ok with it? Of course not. Because the fallacy here is to impute moral or logical worthiness onto a cause simply because the agent of it is sincere or can be empathized with.

More generally, Thanos actions presuppose that population control is not a social and technological issue, which it is, and like everything else will come under the pressure of technology. On a long enough timeline then it's a self limiting problem (by definition).
Which is what makes this example of propaganda so vicious: precisely because this subset of the public is so vacuous and infantilized as to actually believe movie logic malthusianism is the same as reality.

The reality is the material conditions of life, even in places like*india* have so markedly improved because of technology *exclusively* iterated on *solely* because of population pressure, that many of the most impoverished people live in such wealth compared to their ancestors just five thousand years ago, that they are kings by comparison.

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    What makes you think that politicians haven't killed millions?

    The shutdown of the economy in 2020 is putting hundreds of millions of people at risk for starvation. This has been reported sparingly. They pay it lip service then move on. Because the people at risk are not part of the group of people the media cares about.

    I have no idea who Thanos is. But the fucking around with the world economy could end up killing billions of people.
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    @Demolishun if you dont know who thanos is then be glad you weren't subject to sitting through that dumpster fire people call a film.

    The arc of history is brutal. We start as beasts and hopefully ascend to the stars. Lot of psychos as obstacles in between.

    The dead are never dead while they are yet remembered.

    What was it Shakespeare said about lawyers?

    The mightiest and most compelling word under all heaven, in all creation itself, is "ought", which like iron law and gravity, bodes no excuse, no reasoning whatsoever other than its own absoluteness, and the totality of its imperium.

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    @Wisecrack I have a feeling civilization restarts after disasters, mass extinction, or mass murder. The Indian religious texts speak of weapons that are fantastic that the gods used. When western civilization encountered these texts they assumed they were mythological. They even went so far as to say they were forbidden. Now, with a modern view, we can see they were talking about modern weapons like we have now. Including nuclear bombs. I see mankind repeating a cycle of reaching an apex and then destroying itself. So I wonder if the obstacles you mention will stop this cycle or will we move past them.
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    thanos is right until your kid, mom, dad or anyone close to you dies. And fuck randomness while we are at it
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    “Thanos was right” people are living in conflict. Ideally, they should be the ones in the disappearing half but they wouldn’t want that. So yeah.. they are not living in reality.

    (I didn’t read the whole post. Just wanted to share my view on “Thanos was right” people.)
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    @Cyanide this guy! Now you've doomed us to a full debate! Watch over the next couple days as a train of people arrive to debate this! Noooooooo.
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    @molaram "hey guys" mother nature says as she chews bubble gum and twirls a lock of hair on one finger "so I made this new thing. I think you're gonna really love it" she says with a valley girl accent. "I call it THE PLAGUE. Isnt it just fantastic."
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    @EpicofGilgamesh if it's truly random we would see big chunks of people, or worlds, that did or didnt get deleted.

    And then people will bitch that it wasn't fair. Because randomness often doesnt appear fair. It's why games often manipulate their randomnes or even random the first sample and then alternate the subsequent samples.
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    @Wisecrack maybe Thanos used a quasirandom sequence (i.e. "well-spread" but still "random"-feeling numbers) (eg. look up Halton sequence) which would still get rid of 50% of people on average. You know, maybe he interned as a mathematical finance analyst or graphics programmer when he was growing up. (two areas I know of that use quasirandom sequences).
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