I live 5 minutes from work. Not in and of itself a way to improve but it means I have an extra hour and a half each day when compared to my colleagues in which to do work, spend time reading etc.

Also get rid of Facebook.

Best life advice I can give.

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    I left my 3 mile commute job for a career in contracting. Now looking for a remote work contract because the 2 hours I lose in driving are ridiculous wastes of time.
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    Facebook is such a useless piece of shit.
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    +1 for getting rid of Facebook. I haven't deleted it completely but I deleted it from my phone. I still "need" it for my theatre group where everything is discussed. And even now I'm never updated enough because I don't read it as much
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    I'm struggling to get ride of FB as well but..! Their 3rd party consignments has fucked my shit uppppp ... Just do it let it go.
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    +1 for getting rid of freaking facebook. never used it. never will.
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    Only using devrant as "social network" app :) besides of that when I want to met people or have some fun I go out with my friends, better than trying to compete on posts to see who is living the most best fucking awesome photo life.
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    Fb no
    Tweet no
    Insta no
    Snapchat no
    devRant yes

    Life gets way better
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