I really invested into this work from home lifestyle, moving in an appartment where i could have my own office, upgrading my personal workstation, leaving overpriced locations close to subways behind.. so i do hope it will remain like this for at least a few more years (or why not, even forever for dev roles)

It's way better than a shitty office placed in location equally incomfortable for everyone

Otherwise.. well, there is always the option to go freelancing from home

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    I’ve been working from home for 5+ years. Best career decision I ever made.
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    I am a little scared of the next electicity bill xD

    if costs go brrr i need to invest in some energy saving stuff. the bill will for sure be less than driving costs but it is a parameter that stays unknown until end of the year (for me)
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    @nebula From my experience, the costs haven't raised by that much during this last year. i was paying around 10-12 euros per month and since qorking from home i'm at around 15 for 2 PCs runing non for at lesst 8-12 hours a day
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