2 of my co-workers don't know that they shouldn't write any code after return statement of a function

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    May the force be with you
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    Don't they lint their code?
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    Uh-oh, spaghettios!
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    Maybe they think

    return false;

    Means it won't return, just carry on with the method? 😋
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    But you could use that ;)

    Just add a label and a goto ...

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    Those people are called "users" not "co-workers" ... peers know how to write functions.
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    Are they Jr devs?
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    Sometimes I do that for debugging when I want a whole lot of a function skipped.

    Maybe they just forgot to undo it.
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    Sometimes I like to mess with people
    function getVal() {
    return this.value;
    while(true) {
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    @calmyourtities yes kinda like that usually keep it from running some really long data logic... Though it didn't take forever, just close to it
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    Calm down people. Maybe his co-workers are in the sales or marketing team. He didn't specify that they were programmers.
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    Depends, but yes typically if it's in the main body of a function it's all useless. How did they even get a job?
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    I guess in JavaScript it is possible to write code after a Return Statement?
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    I accidentally once wrote "return" instead of "break".

    Oh how we laughed/panicked over why data files were only being partially processed.
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    @saintograph they don't know what lint is lol@vasq they are programmers
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    @akd5010 one has a degree
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