Today I discovered that we have a CSV export button for an order transaction system, on a page which is completely disconnected from the rest of the website.

It is only being called by an internal server, used by our Data department.

They run selenium to click the button.

Then they import the CSV into a database.

That database is accessed by an admin panel.

That admin panel has an excel export button.

Which is clicked by our CFO. But he got bored of clicking, so he uses IFTTT to schedule a download of the XLS and import it in Google Sheets.

That sheet uses a Salesforce data connector.

Marketing then sends email campaigns based on that Salesforce data...


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    Just your typical enterprise process
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    When they really need a reason to pay someone
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    What a rollercoaster! Thanks for taking us for a ride!
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    @ArcaneEye I've thought about running a Minecraft server with computercraft, just so I can load the data into a LUA metatable on a mining turtle... And have that call the smart bridge controlling the Phillips Hue lights, encoding the data as morse signals picked up by the light sensor in my smartphone 🤔
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    It's... beautiful!

    In a weird and twisted sense, but beautiful nonetheless
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    @bittersweet DOOO IIIIT!!! :-D
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    They got
    Selenium working ?
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    This is my favorite rant ever.
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    Rube Goldberg startup.
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    Sounds like every other corporate, don't even think of fixing it. No one wants to risk if anything breaks.
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