For a very front end reliant web app, I need some help in making a choice of the framework used.

Im thinking one of these:
Angular2 + Typescript
React + JSX
Aurelia + ES6

Which one would you choose?

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    Well, there is no right or wrong answer here. The one you are most comfortable with I think!?

    In my case, that would be Angular + TypeScript.
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    I agree. It depends on your own preference (or teams preference).

    My personal choice is VueJS+ES6/7. Just love the simplicity it offers. You can do VueJS+TypeScript - they do have an add-on module for that.
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    @yo-adrian Does VueJS have an inbuilt router? If not which router do you recommend.
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    @harambae Vue has everything that the other frameworks have plus simplicity. The router is called Vue-router, it's not inbuilt, but it's the official router.
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    @harambae I use Vue-router module. Works very well for the projects I've worked on.

    I do highly recommend, for those wanting to learn more about Vue, to take the course on udemy - by the instructor Maximilian Schwarzmuller. No, I'm not getting a penny from this endorsement, just stating taking his course was very helpful in understanding everything about Vue.

    For Flux pattern, there is Vuex. It's great, been using this ever since I learned about it and understood how flux works and reduces a lot of coding.
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    @yo-adrian also there is a really nice course on Laracasts about Vue 2 which is free.
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    @kpenc I think I stumbled on those after taking the one from udemy. Trying to recall, doesn't laracasts also have good forums as well?
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    So since most of you recommend VueJs, which variant should I use?

    Vue 2
    Vue TypeScript
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    It's impossible to suggest a framework without knowing what your website will do.

    Try this instead; do you need a SPA? Do you have a need for Javascript rendered site? Is there a lot of user input? A lot of live updates? You can come a long, long way with a static website generator.
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    React + es7
    React + typescript!!!!
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    @viking8 is right

    Also, depends on time to market too.
    You want is out fast, maybe vue.
    You want it realible for long time, maybe angular
    Going for the hype? React vs vue
    Personal for learning and build cv? Look at the market, react maybe
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    If you want to choose , then choose between vuejs or vuejs or vuejs.either one is good enough and u won't regret take me words for it .It so simple and beautiful.
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    For the long term comment, um any framework is good for that. As long as you're willing to maintain it. My VueJS projects are long term, not one problem with them whatsoever. What I do like about Vue, is I can bring in an intern and he/she could pick it up quickly, due to the simplicity of the syntax/structure.

    I have a lot of experience with Angular 1.x and 2.x. I know Angular 4 is about to come out, I'll be on a project for that as well. So I can compare Vue with these.

    I don't have much experience with React, but to my understanding, React has the benefit of react native. I would argue any framework can do the same. Angular has Ionic and Onsen as two solid JS -> native solutions. Vue has Onsen, Weex, and Quasar Framework. I myself have successfully made my Vue app as a desktop application with Electron Shell, and within the next week or two will have the mobile side completed with Cordova (which almost all JS -> native frameworks are wrappers to).
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    Just bookmarking.
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    As back ender I can't be too sure here but my business mate really likes Vue :)
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