The world of storage gonna change..
Yesterday, scientists successfully stored and retrieved back an entire OS, a movie and some other files from a DNA.
It is estimated that a single gram of DNA can store 215 million GB of data. ( Now the storage can be as small as invisible. )

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    @thmnmlst reading this.. seems like current research makes DNA ideal for storing archives instead or fast read/write operations..
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    The magical 'enhance video' feature that Hollywood invented can finally be reality! Store a video file on a dna drive and through evolution, it will morph into something better. Also, bad movies will improve, too! I once stored Die Hard 5 on a DNA drive and when I checked back a year later, I found Die Hard 4.
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    No more usb drives either, just use a syringe and inject it into your body. Be careful who you share files with. Also, piracy can now cause aids.
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    *and then someone tries to use that DNA to create living beings
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    It can store a lot, but how efficiently can it read?
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    lol...interesting...then.. I can be big Hard Disk can't I?😍😅
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    @AlgoRythm as mentioned in one comment by me, with current development, it can be only considered for archival storage usage.. the reads and writes are very slow.. but it's just a beginning.. I am keen to see how far it goes..
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    A research colleague of mine is working on special encoding for DNA storage. It's really fascinating that you can extract a 5mb file from a glass of DNA enriched liquid
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    Well some universities are definitely not ready for that change...

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