What is the present year

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    No presents for you 🎅🏿
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    Either he played along or some creeper that was playing a baby doll in a public place where children were and no one so much as commented just got up and left after a little coaxing again

    Knowing these freaks they probably put him in up in a hotel and treated him to Thomas the train engine
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    The clock stopped ticking in 2019
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    @C0D4 in a sense
    And it was forcibly held in place in certain parts of the country before that as my age group was kidnapped in their adulthood by sociopaths
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    @C0D4 what makes the offenders worthy of death especially is their bullshit was easily covered up in the first place
    They didn’t need to drag more mostly undamaged people into it
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    1982 isn't it ?
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    @Nanos at this point I’d believe someone believes that somewhere
    Certainly was a dream of there’s
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    @killames Well, the thing is, when I make notes, I do it by year.

    Sometimes I forget the year has changed, so the document title is last year.

    Sometimes I forget several years..

    One moment it was 1982, and suddenly its 2020 !

    At least now I can afford that 1979 calculator I always wanted..
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    You might ask what has changed since then..

    Well, picture quality for TV programmes has generally got worse.. ( But at least you can get a 50" screen instead of putting up with just a 26" one. )

    There are less parking spaces. ( Not helped by cars getting larger, and architects using "computers" to design entrances and exits that only skinny 1920's vehicles can fit through.. )

    You can carry a computer around in your pocket, as long as you remember to charge its battery every night.. ( Ideally one that doesn't need its OS/Apps updated every 3 hours to be current, so its never really available to use when you want to, because it must do an update first, and reboot.. )

    And if you don't mind bits of it falling off when its 15+ years old..

    Rubbish bins have got smaller. ( Plus there is a long list of things you can't throw away in them.. actually, they got rid of the list lately where I am, now they can just make up on a whim what you can't.. )

    That's about it !
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    Oh, talking of silly architects, I'm reminded of this driveway with a tree in the middle of it..

    I'm also reminded of another one, but 40 years later, I see the tree is now missing !

    I wonder if this tree will still be there in 40 years..
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    @Nanos I would really like a blowjob
    Just you know
    Putting that out there
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    I wonder if GoFundMe would allow that..

    Or are you talking about haircuts ?
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