Hello Monday:
0.Arrive late due to traffic.(Apparently a car hit a cow crossing the road)
1. Try upgrading php5 to php7 and break stuff in the process and waste 2 hours fixing things.(Poor connection so ssh sessions hung occasionally)
2.PHP fixed,open Gmail and get over 100 emails from clients about the server being down(because of (0)).Ignore all.Find a snaglist of over 20 TODOs.
3.Open Android Studio, update to 2.3 and everything becomes broken.Each time i open it ,it crashes and i have to "Report to Google"
4.Spend the next 1 hour reinstalling AS.It finally works.
5.Open Project and the libraries are broken.Spend another hour upgrading build tools.
6.Leave SDK to update and decide to check my Google Cloud console.$50 bill pending.Shit.
7.Try XCode. Remember the project is still in Swift 2 and I have to upgrade it(Would take eternity).Immediately closes xcode.
8.Gives up on life and decides to log into Devrant.

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    The poor cow 😢
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    One does not simply 'Upgrade PHP5 to PHP7'.
    Also who does that unplanned on a production server?
    Dont tell me it was, because in that case you should have backup plans for that case ready.
    People need to rethink their way of doing things. Especially when there are (apparently over 100) customers relaying on the software
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    Sounds like your spend too much time upgrading things on live projects. The cow maybe the only part of the rant you didn't cause yourself, or did you?
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    @Kimmax It was planned.Just clients don't usually read the emails i send them.Upgrading to php7.1 had some unexpected behavior with sessions.I also have ALOt of backups (Which I don't see how they are related here)

    @FearMediocrity How is Android Studio updates or PHP bugs have to do with anyone????
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    For the poor ssh connection try mosh: https://mosh.org/ . Its a drop in replacement for ssh that eorks even if youchange IP.
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