With all the major library/framework overhauls in the JS community, I feel we may need to start versioning in our resumes:


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    Maybe that's why we can't just try to master everything. Once you know how something works (and like it), you should stay along with that (Angular for example) and dive deep in it and every update, as long as you still like it, then move to tour next favorite.
    Despite I say "like" it also depends on the needs of the employer you're working for or the world trends or you're freelancing, but unless you're some kind of god, you'll never get to know it all about every framework
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    @jstaiyou I think a few too many devs try to be masters of a language or a technology, but we really need to be masters of technique. Knowing js and a library isn't as important as knowing design patterns and the underlying models the library/framework/whateverthefuckyouwanttocallit is more beneficial. But, I'm also a junior suck in college, so I could be talking out my ass.
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    @iam13islucky indeed knowing the base concept are critical, but here in Mexico we say "Lo que bien se aprende, jamás se olvida" which means once you've actually learned something, you will never forget it.
    Of course, as long as the thing is involved in your life.
    And there aren't unlimited design patterns.
    On the other hand, there are new frameworks almost every day and the problems we need to solve with our software is also a matter of constant change, so that we need to stay up to date in order to do our jobs the best way in the least time possible.
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    Hey, that's an idea. Resume as package.json
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    @tytho I'm really quite tempted. I only wonder what the recruiters would think though.
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    @FlyPigFly the right companies will see it for what it is, recruiters might see the buzzwords like angular and react
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