Same conversation
Young woman
Probably not so much younger
Same profession
Same real profession
What they’re doing who the hell knows
Happy valley
Incapable of conversation
Capable but unwilling for some reason
Kind of provokes me
I want her to say how she really feels
She works instead
It’s all they ever do anywhere these days
And hence why everything is so ducking repetitive
Maybe should have fucked her heh
Would have at least gotten us alone long enough to switch up conversations

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    Is it so much to ask
    Seriously ?
    Not like they’re giving anything away the whole world is fucked so far as I can tell
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    You sound like a sexual predator.

    She provoked you by not taking to you?!
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    @sariel no she talked to me
    We spoke for near an hour
    But she put on Aires like you people do covering up what she was actually about in a predetermined series of standard ways that she had done before because she is a prostitute
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    @sariel case in point
    Are you crazy or a bot ?
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    Speaking of sexual predators however the garbage in Colorado pretty much completely match that description

    I saw some piece of shit driving around that no one batted an eye towards with a chucky doll standing out of his moon roof and a baked baby doll attached via a small noose to the tow hitch on the back of his vehicle
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    Special place in hell for people like him and you sariel
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    @killames you realize I know you're @YouAllSuck, right?

    I mean, c'mon, it's painfully obvious at this point.
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    @sariel who’s that ?
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    @sariel and how does that have any bearing on this situation which you have repeated ?
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    @sariel I thought this was the mad man 😑

    Either that or the cousins have come out to play.
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    @C0D4 same asshole, just changed screen name.

    If we know, I'm sure it won't be long before a mod knows.
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    @C0D4 this website does not run out of idiots
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    I spent several minutes trying to read the capitals together.
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    @aviophile yes look at you people
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    @C0D4 it might surprise you how people differ when they want to btw
    A person you pretend to dislike for telling the truth you might like for avoiding certain truthful topics and your perceptions of a person are often shallow anyway

    Like I might like some of you if you weren’t busy being crazy pawns that prolong a system even if your contributions are extremely small if you hid certain parts of your toxic personalities like sariel and aviophile openly display
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    @killames ok “iammad” clone
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    @aviophile what is that ?
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    @sariel you know one post you seem so rational. and then this.
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