So I wanted a newer Linux OS for doing certain things at work. I went for Kubuntu 21.04 as it would have reasonably newer software and had the tools I needed for managing exfat partitions. I installed it on a second drive and everything went smoothly. I booted to the OS and it said it needed to do updates. Okay, lets do that. I started them and walked away.

I came back later and it had finished. I rebooted the machine because I needed to run windows. It came up to a prompt and a grub command line. WTF. I am like oh fuck, it didn't just fuck me out of my windows install. So I rebooted into the BIOS. I looked and it now had switched the drive I installed Linux on as the boot drive. That is weird. So I switched the M.2 drive to boot. It went right into Windows.

Kubuntu 21.04 installed on second drive as intended, switched the boot drive to the second drive, and then fucked itself on first update. And people wonder why non-techies don't run Linux. Its a pile of shit only a masochist would love. Because we are the only ones who can possibly sort out shit like this.

I know its probably a webpage away from fixing, but I needed to work in windows and could not be fucked to fix it. Its a distraction to actually getting my work done. Just disappointed in the entire ecosystem.

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    Also KDE is garbage, so Kubuntu could not be good in the first place
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    Everything is garbage so could not be good in the first place. /S
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    That's weird. Linux should be set as your boot drive, but Grub should've discovered your windows partition and add it in the grub boot menu at the start. It always worked for me.

    Also windows does this too. If you first install linux and second add windows, it will override your boot partition to use Windows. The exception is that windows doesn't even check if there's anything else to boot into (at least that used to be the case, never installed win second since)

    Are you using Windows 11 or something? Grub really should've added all the bootable partitions into the menu...

    Why is KDE shit? I like it much more than Unity, Gnome or i3.

    It's quite customizable
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    Installing Ubuntu and dualbooting...the only way you could make it worse for yourself is using an Nvidia Optimus card.

    Dual boot isn't a good idea. Some people claim it works, but those didn't yet have a Windows 10 update wipe all partitions off their system drive or break Linux boot.

    Just run Linux in a VM. Unlike Windows that actually runs at more than 2 FPS, you don't need to reboot for every little shit and you don't need to play Tux Roulette after every update.
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    @Hazarth it's as intuitive as an iphone for someone never used an iphone.
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    @Hazarth It did set itself as boot drive. It also found my windows partition and had a menu for it. But on first update grub fucked itself.

    It went to the grub command line. Not the grub menu. This indicates that grub is messed up.
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    @Demolishun weird, I wonder why. Maybe doing an additional grub update manually would fix it? Though that's unlikely hmmmmm
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    Did you install with the correct choice of MBR vs. GPT partitioning depending on whether you're using BIOS/CSM vs. UEFI? Did you disable fast boot in Windows before starting the Linux installation?

    And actually, it's correct that the Linux drive is in the BIOS as first one because if you put the Windows drive there, you won't get the choice which OS to boot because Windows doesn't care about other OS and even breaks that setup frequently later with updates.
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    @Fast-Nop It booted correctly after install. It was only after I did an update that it screwed up. All of that was fine.
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