Just saw a video of a French philosopher saying: "Nobody really knows how to get out of Covid, but since it's called Covid-19 it means that there were 18 others before, so we should have some clues about it" 😂

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    Reminds me of a joke, that Windows 95 and 98 displayed the percentage of a chance if it will BSOD at least once that day ;D
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    I got the joke, but you are wrong, it's 19 not 18, u have to count from zero
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    This reads like Trump quote.
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    Ah, yes... classic french philosophers.
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    France TV is utter shit, always have been, always will be, and their own little court of mediatic cocain-sniffers are as far away from being philosophers or "essayistes" as I am.

    Quand je vois le niveau de la TV (et de la politique, ce qui veut dire basiquement la meme chose) française, ça donne envie de pleurer
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    @Maer nah, it's too clever and original
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