Okay so I need someone to tell me if this is what its like programming for a Superior at an actual job. Background information, I go to a highschool where Im learning IT fundementals, Programming, and networking.

So I'm designing the JavaScript Project for my class. Its a simple progress bar that loads from 1% to 100% when you press the button.

So then my teacher is like "can you add a number showing what percent its at?" and I was like "yeah sure" so I did it, and today I showed him and he was like "Can you make it to where the percent is in the center so you can see what its at the whole time" so I obviously replied
yes because Im the number 1 Javascript programmer in the class and now I have to make that adjustment but it clicked when I opened devRant that this is what a lot of professional programmers go through!..

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    It kind of sounds like your professor could just want to give you some challenges so you get better at programming. The more you test with your code, the more you learn. I feel like its much better than just leaving you do nothing once you're done.

    In real job, I haven't worked in the US, but I guess its kind of similar except its not that fun.
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    @jerichoi224 Okay thank you!! Where are you from?
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    @Bubbles well, I'm a college student in US, but I've done an intern at Korea
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    @jerichoi224 oh that's cool
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    @adamholmes yes it is useful isn't it
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