Hello, my name is Adam, I'm from Poland.
As a 16 year old dude I thought it would be a great idea to go to an IT focused highschool so I'd get my degree after finishing school but guess what- I completely fucked up.
First, there were the little things, like the teachers favoring other students that already knew stuff, which was okay and all- the problem began when Poziomka appreared (one of our PC service teachers). That motherfucker almost fluked me because of dumb shit like the PC's we worked on took forever to boot, so he's just go and give people F's, "Why?" you may ask- well because "It was obviously the student that made the PC run so slowely".
There were a few more incidents like when we were disassembling and assembling those dumb HP Compaq's PC's on time- and that fucker gave me an F because it took about 10 minutes to boot by itself.

That shit got me so demotivated its unreal, soon I found myself in a pretty dark spot, with my parents divorcing, my whore mother taking all the money- me not finding any reason to do anything in school and the cycle looped.
I'm not gonna pull the depression card here, but what I'm generally trying to say is that although I'm not "awful" at IT in general, so PC assembly, networking, programming (fuck that, I'm fucking awful at it), HTML, I still find it difficult to do anything right.

I have a question, how do I get myself back up? Any ideas?
There's so much material I've gone through in the last three years- and I just wanna make sure to get good- somehow.

I'm just a talentless dumbass kid who just wants to know how to do linux, programming and such, but I don't know where or how to start anymore.
If anyone has any stories where they turned their life around and managed to do IT right- please, tell me how you did it, I just wanna know is there a proper way of doing it.

- Adam

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    Thought you were 18
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    I doubt you're really Polish. Your screenshot doesn't say kurwa anywhere.

    Maybe take some online course or read some programming books.
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    Everyone has their own way they learned, whether through university or code camps or on their own. Don't get down on yourself though. This honestly doesn't take talent so much as just patience and perseverance. I have met some complete fucking morons who are working in senior dev roles, so really if you find your technical knowledge lacking, work on your soft skills. But never give up trying to learn. Sometimes you'll slowly understand it, other times it'll suddenly all click at once.

    Just remember, we ourselves are the worst judge of how effectively we are learning something because we are always looking for measurable results. But that's not how learning always works.
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    Technically I am, as my birthday is in June.
    Sorry if I lost my temper here or there- and sorry if I don't seem mature haha.
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    Thank you, and yeah, there are some real tards on some "high end" positions.
    I'm having fun with IT, but I'm just not progressing well with it. Maybe I'll eventually get back on track.
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    @BREMUTOAREK start with having fun. Make something for fun, even if it's a copy of something else. At least you'll start to understand it a little more. Then maybe you can expand on it, still having fun and not worry about progress. You can start to internalize a lot of knowledge easier if you don't have the pressure of expectations, of making measurable progress. As long as you're still able to find joy in working the material, you'll always absorbing more knowledge about it. That's my theory anyway.
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    Listen Adam, becoming an adult is more than just doing something. Becoming an adult requires you to get outside of your comfort zone, take risks, but you should know what the consequences are before taking those risks.

    Also, part of taking those risks is understanding your own limitations. Anyone can accomplish anything they set their minds to, but you need a proper safety net and support structure from friends and family.

    There's no shame in you taking some time for you, to look at what you want to do. Explore yourself for awhile. Find out who and what you're made of.

    Best of luck and to paraphrase a great quote, "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still fail. That is not a weakness, that is life."
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    There is no "one and true way". Maybe you're predisposed to make games, maybe analytics, maybe just UI in general... Find a coding adventure (course) for yourself or pave it by digging in examples - whatever suits you.
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    I gave up on listening at school. I never went to class or anything like that, when I did it was to avoid getting expelled from my university for non-attendance. Not because I was good but I didn't want to spend 10 hours of my time hearing pure BS that would never help me from lecturers I gave up on. I just went for the paperwork and studied by myself or with friends. Got a first class (A).

    So - fuck it who cares what pointless grades they hand out. As long as it's enough for university / college it doesn't matter.
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    If you are awful at Programming, do you want to get better at it? Or choose another line within IT? You said you are not bad with Networking and Hardware (generalization of Assembling)

    Like everything else, it takes time to get good at Something unless you are a born Genius
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    What a shame to read that, dude.
    My advise is to set focus on what you like firstly and then in what you are good at. Programming is not for everyone, like playing football or any other thing, maybe everyone is good at that, likes that, etc but it simply doesn't work for you. Do you imagine a depressed Mozart, Einstein or Mother Theresa for sucking a football?
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