Websites that do this.

Is there a good reason for this? What, you can't strip out the spaces yourself?

Honorary mention: my local council's bin collection schedule website. Says "Invalid post code" if you enter it without spaces (eg, it rejects E123BC, you have to enter E12 3BC).

Dealing with space characters must be really really hard for web developers. Maybe someone should make yet another js framework for that?

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    To be honest, it is really easy to do with basic JavaScript...
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    @filthyranter Shhh, don't tell them it's easy. Sell them the solution for mega-money!
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    @QoolQuy2000 BTW: Go to the devRant tab with the three lines, go to profile and create an avatar.
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    @filthyranter I do have an avatar: I'm a blue circle! Or I'm the invisible man, it's open to interpretation.
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    @filthyranter You're right! But damn it, you can't change the colour without having some guy sitting at a desk photobombing it.

    We'll just have to say that green is the new blue.
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    It's something you might easily forget, which I would consider forgivable. But they didn't forget, they specifically put in a message for the user instead of fixing it.
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    @Grundeir Exactly. A bit of validation logic somewhere to do what could have been automated. It's so common to enter spaces in postcodes and phone numbers, they could have made the user's life a little easier there.
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    The space is actually the post office recommendation for postcodes.
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    @nblackburn Spaces are stupid but not as stupid as letters.

    I wonder who the fuck came up with such stupid ideas.
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    3 is voted as the phone operator in Sweden :)
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    Not related to rant but who the fuck uses IE!
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    @hanuor My answer would be: people who install a Windows OS that isn't Windows 10, and don't change the default browser ;)

    But seriously, normally I use Chrome, but I just wanted to activate my sim card right now and be done with it. Just so happens that what I had to hand was a clean W10 install. Clean install because I was trying to confirm a bug that would only happen on W10.

    Edge isn't that bad, it's odd that Server 2016 still comes with IE.
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    @hanuor what IE has to do with all of this?
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    I have the same provider, just in Austria BTW
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