Today my girlfriend and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary. 🎊🎊🎉🎉
It has been a really amazing journey for both of us. She's not really into coding stuff but tolerates my weirdness anyway. There are disagreements sometimes. But the important thing is to keep yourself open and be patient. She has really helped me to become less of an smartass and be more understanding and patient. I'm really looking forward to all the new adventures we both will have together in the future....
2 down.. a lot more to go 😍😍

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    Nice. For me, the second anniversary was on February 15 (not 14. 15!)
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    Congratulations and amen for many more such things to come.
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    @filthyranter congrtz to you too bro... that one is a real close one. But on the bright side you can have Valentine's day on 2 days. :D
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    Happy Anniversary to you both, i have been with my partner 7 years this year and still think shes great.
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    I too feel as my gf made me more patient and down to earth which helps me a lot
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    @juzles yeah.. it's the best part. It's amazing what a good partner can do to you. Congratz on having a girl like that.. :D
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    @ironedr sorry bro, Couldn't help it.. :D hope you'll find your One soon too.. :)
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    You should show her some sutff you code...maybe she's interested...I did the same for my gf and she read an entire python script when she was bored in school and at least tried to understand it :)
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    @SHA-256 she's more into handcrafts and stuff. But will try again someday. :)
    It's awesome to hear your gf is interested in coding.
    I hope you have done this already. But, if not, give her some idea of what you do, it'll help when you are having a stressful day because of your code.
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    I don't code for a living and I don't live with my gf so it doesn't really matter when I am annoyed cause of work/coding :(
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