Must fun was definitely when I programmed the automated installing tool to make my life easier at my old work.

Imagine‚Äč having to install about 30+ PC's in an period of 2 days and that repeating at least 1-2 times a week...Having standard programms to install like acrobat pro and more...

Just deployed needed software on the net. wrote a ghost installer programm and let him deploy the software for me. No continue smashing anymore. God bless that idea I had.

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    Lol use some imaging tool with bundle integration
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    Well it was some time ago, when I was still in my apprenticeship to my "degree". That was the easiest solution I was capable to.

    Your solution is completely unheard to me, would you mind elaborating on it? :)
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    @Tokimimo sure. There is software that adds a so called pxe boot server to your network. Almost every network card is capable of booting from that. So what you basically have is an image, mainly windows pre-installed with drivers and some kind of agent the software comes with.
    Lets say you get a new employee who needs a pc. You would get a pc and set its hostname in the bios. The next reboot its starts from the nic and contacts the pxe server. That server checks what image the pc should get and automatically copies it onto the hdd.
    After that the pc adds itself to the control panel of the software used.
    From there you create software bundles, basically autonomous installers, which you can assign to specific pc's or pc groups when needed. The agent would then install it for you. All without leaving your desk <3
    An example would be Zenworks, but thats kinda expensive. Pretty sure there are cheaper, maybe opensource solutions out there.
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    @Tokimimo During my sysadmin days, I've used clonezilla & drbl (free and open source) to quickly reimagine multiple machines through network. Despite the fact that those days are long gone, it appears that both are still in active devvelopement :)

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    Thanks for the informations!
    When I check on old colleagues from there I will let them now! Probably still using my tool ūüėÖ
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    Ever heard of ninite? it's actually pretty good.
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    nope never heard of it. Will take a look at it soon though :)
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