Life is sweet. Until you encounter the bug. Than life is just... extra crunchy.

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    Is that real?
    Fuck it
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    Yes that is my hand you see. It's actually ettable. Let's call it the ultimate feature and bug in one.

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    Looks like one of those mosquitoes from Jurassic Park crystallized in Amber!
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    You are right! Guess we know there secret now. It looks even better in real life. Clear as glass and pretty well preserved bugs.
    We developers like our bugs fresh and without technical depth.
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    Well, to say, you ran into a buggy situation. ;D
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    It's​ not mine and I haven't eaten one so I can't tell. My interest was noted and I was not allowed to buy one, so will probably be gifted some in the near future😁.

    Have you eaten other insect delicatessies?
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    @hjk101 will never eat it unless i dont have any choice and i am so hungry
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    @No-one @CozyPlanes
    I have never eaten bugs in my life either (at least not on purpose. Them buggers do fly around) but I am tempted to try. Sweetened ants get good reviews.
    In the West world we tend to be biased about eating bugs (especially developers, we have a doubly negative association)
    I try to be free of those presumptions.
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    My 7th grade science teacher would buy these for "fear factor". Extra credit for eating bugs in class.. wish it was that easy to succeed as an adult
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    Also, for those wondering, grasshoppers taste pretty awesome as far as bugs go
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    There's a worm in tequila pop that supposedly tastes like peanut butter
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    These cricket bars are now sold at the regular, mainstream supermarket by me (Stop & Shop/Giant).. must be popular. Haven't had a chance to try them yet...

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