Am I the only one who learns more on my own than at university? It really annoys me when I come here to study but all I do is read devRant posts all day, they are good tho.

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    I struggled with it to, you learn more on your own then you do in college. Nice to network I guess. I still need to finish my degree got a job with an app I made so I tend to think a portfolio is more important.
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    We're in the process now of having one of our Lecturers reported, because when asking for help in a lab he tells us to learn the "key skill of finding it online", like we're paying stupid amounts to be taught how to Google
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    I know it sucks, but sometimes you need the theoretical stuff you lern in university.
    I am a frontend/backend web developer and regulary use my knowledge about hash tables, state machines, optimisation theory and also compiler theory...
    You never know, which part of your knowledge will be relevant for you in several years.
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    University is not like school whereby you are taught a bunch of stuff then tested on that at the end. Its very much about self study, giving you fundamental theory for you to explore and develop on your own initiative. The more you do that the more you will succeed afterwards. Use the time wisely, explore and try build on the things you learn and expand your knowledge. The degree simply is a certificate and rarely is an indication of your competence.
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    Course credits are more generalised and have more subjects than the only subjects u r interested in.
    It has way too many wide applications than u can ever think of.
    When going core programming jobs, these things might be minor but have a lot of effect on a large scale level .
    I know I'm all over the place, but u have to crystal clear about the idea what u r going to do, and if u have, then u r golden.
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    @zues cant really take it that directly.. landing good money with one hit doesnt mean youre good with the technology. You only aced this app - good job though. Wouldnt really say tho that education is pointless after winning one battle.
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    I think it depends more in what you rely to work and what do you need/what do you like.

    TL;DR: If you feel like you're not learning something useful, you're not studying whatever you would like to do.


    For example, taking the picture as reference, Automata Theory and algorithm complexity analysis it's useful for people that codes performance-critical applications.

    Whereas if you're just coding a static website, would be useless.

    I also have to learn more on my own that what I do in school, but I can't deny that these kind of subjects (like the Automata class I had) made my mind wide open and I realized how bad was my code before and how I could improve it.
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    Outside the university you learn technologies and how to cope with real-world shit. At the university you learn principles.
    At least this is the case with good universities and "good real world" 😀
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    It may just be me but I think learning in general is done on your own. Teachers open the door but you must enter on your own.
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    @zues I think you should get a degree if you're still working on it, coming from someone who didn't finish school and found a job. Jobs are really difficult to find for me without a degree
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    oh hi, yep. Gotta learn programming languages on your own bc the lecturer isnt quite sure what she's teaching..
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    @Lisanna do you know any good places to learn video game developement?
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    @ebourgess thank you so much
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    I've never encountered anything that complicated in my CS degree. Even in discrete math and analysis of algorithms.
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    I dropped out of college because it was an expensive waste of my time. The classes were comically bad.
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    @ChillY yeah and let me clarify I plan to get my degree still spent so much money already pssh and my experience was probably somewhat unique. I do think we are at a pivot for our field though where a university degree will be seen as less or equally important vs experience, cert, boot camp, or portfolio. I see job postings on blizzard and other companies with "bachelors or 2 year experience" I'm sure that some companies will simply throw out the non degree candidates against the degree ones, but still look at gates, jobs, zuck, and many other ultra successful people. They never got their degrees. They seized a moment which to me seems more important.
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    Don't waste your college years. Enjoy learning for what it is. Even when it's abstract and difficult to see the relationship between it and what you want to do for the rest of your working life.

    You'll miss it most when you're working 50-60 hour weeks on find-the-effing-semicolon in Joe-who-quit-last-week's shoddy layoff-worthy code.

    ESPECIALLY if you think you want to work on games for a living.
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    @capnsoup and don't become a game developer unless you like constantly looking for jobs. Do it as a hobby.
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    Well, in our uni we learn more maths than CS, on CS department
    That bores and annoys
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