Folks, introducing my first pet in devrant...
His name is Charlie.
Charlie, say hi to all dev ranters....

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    Charlie, we can be good friends only if you promise not to bite me or pull my balls with your teeth. I promise I will feed you Python Developers.
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    @PoweredByCoffee hope we are talking play balls here
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    I feel sometimes people need to leave the desk and visit the outside world 😂
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    How dare u steal my dog, Charlie? I was finding him all day.
    So sed
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    @PoweredByCoffee there are not many py devs here and the dogs get hungry real fast, java devs might solve the case
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    @zero1 don't worry.. keep ranting.. You will get it soon..
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    Are you talking about the ducky? Or the dogy?
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    @MrGKanev The dog.. hihi.. 😊
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    Can I get some of that coffee 🤔
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    Rubber duck programming. I only learned this term fairly recently.
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