Really just an average week.
Just feel I need a bit of venting. (:

@meet: (monday)
- mgr: we need video transcoding and VOD ASAP.
- dev: on what server? It's expensive, especially without a GPU.
- mgr: prod is beefy. Put it there.
- dev: everything else is gonna crawl then.
- mgr: you have till the end of this week.

@demo (Friday)
- dev: k, it's ready.
- mgr: Why is everything slow??!
- dev: transcoding. Expensive.
- mgr: Why do we transcode? Never said I wanted transcode!
Can't we upload to YT?
- dev: ...yes. But will then each customer that wants VOD will need to setup YT studio and provide an endpoint and stream key.
- mgr: OK. But we're now behind schedule because of this and the customers will not be pleased.
- dev: oh, didn't know we're into gaming.
- mgr: ???
- dev: nvm, see you Monday.

Later Friday evening
*ding* mgr has added 5 new tasks to your list.
*ding* mgr subtracted 30 points from you.
reason: deadline over due.

Ya ya, the usual shenanigans.
Time to mute for the weekend.

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    What the fuck are points and why do you care if they're subtracted? That sounds stupid. Hope you have a good weekend bud.
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    You still get paid, right?
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    @atheist something project management uses to assert our performance.
    Think they call it agile something.

    So if my "points" are negative, it usually means a meet about work performance and whether I'm worth my wage.. (:

    Thanks, you too :)
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    @magicMirror yup, otherwise I'd just stay away and let my workers union handle the shitshow (:
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    @lotd weeeelllll that sounds shit and stupid. Your management don't understand agile. That said, we just moved to points in our sprint, and I've done 1 point in the last month, so I think mine don't either.
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    @lotd WTF?
    Leave now, and write a very bad glassdoor review.
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    @atheist I thought I was doing bad this month, you win, I'm at 4 so far.

    @lotd why in the world, sometimes I fear changing jobs, better the devil I know sometimes.
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    @C0D4 in theory one engineer = 3 points in 2 weeks, according to our "let's eyeball it" system, which is actually an OK system that I had a lot of input into. Admittedly, that input was "here's a load of crap approaches that I've seen, let's not do it this way". The project I was working on was an internal service for distributed data backup. AKA gather data from 6 servers, process it, back it all up to the cloud, wrap that process in an API. I missed the planning meeting because I was unwell, everyone else thought it was nearly done after 2 weeks, so was probably only 1 more point. And then I've had more health stuff. And some HR shit. And life.
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    Surprised you think it's that bad 😅
    Guess I've grown Incentive from way worse..

    I mean, at least nobody is yelling at each other here 🤣
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    Firstly that point score shit is awful, already a reason for me to look for another company.

    But, I have to ask, if you're doing "agile" doesn't that mean you already have tasks for the sprint? If so no one should just barge in with a new task that has a stupidly close deadline.

    I hope that this thing was documented well enough, so that you can pull out the initial task description and show that video transcoding was very much requested. I'd make a scene out of this tbh.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine they do like to call it kanban and agile.

    Well sorta.
    We have sprint planning and retro on our calendar every 2nd week.
    That's more like po & mgr asking what we're working on and going through the backlogs to assign some tasks.
    Which usually isn't tight deadlines.

    it's often something the boss, po, mgr & maybe a client had (allegedly) discussed that gets shoehorned in..

    And that stuff is usually not in the backlog or tasks.
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    This rant sounds like a call for action.

    The action to riot...
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    @lotd next time I would demand they write a task for it and add it to the sprint

    this is what sort of happened to me a few times, we get a bunch of tasks for a sprint which are fairly managable, then something else comes up during for no reason, we dont finish all tasks and have to justify why we didnt finish what we planned.

    Since then I always demand a task to be made if someone wants me to do something a little more time intensive
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