How do you come up with side projects? I'm currently looking for a side project that will be useful for me, an maybe for others in the long run.

Any suggestions? What do you think the market needs right now?

Keep in mind I'm currently a student so I don't have a lot of money to spend on investments.

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    Well my ideas for projects come from what annoys me. Something I do a lot which is too slow or complicated. Develop something that does it better and faster, you got something useful for you and maybe its something so good it will bring joy too a lot of other people aswell.

    a project I wanted to to for a long time now but never did was an app which gives you information about how much data you used in which hotspot. So you can see in Android how much wifi data you used, wouldn't it be funny to see how much went through which hotspot? maybe even more infornations like average speed, connections strength. Abandoned this idea though because I lost contact to android developing...
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    If you want to work on a side project I think you should look for something you *like*, rather than something the market *needs*, otherwise you risk abandoning it after a few days.

    Believe me: I have a great experience with abandoned side projects. Some nights I can hear them whisper "finish me".

    Poor side projects, wish I could do something to alleviate their suffering, but I can't delete them ☚ī¸
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    @Tokimimo i had a simular idea except that you share that info with other users in your area where you can find the best open hotspots in your city.
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    @Larsg310 feel free to steal that idea btw, its something i could use. All I'm asking for the idea is a free apk if you monitize it
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    Make a game on unity? It's free, you could maybe learn something about c# (if you don't know the basics I guess), everyone needs games lol, games are fun (for me at least)
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