Request from a senior backend dev in a previous company:

Talking to the team thats responsible for the auth API's is such a pain. For this new API can we just not add any auth to it? Its only going to return details about who the email address belongs too. Like name, address, date of birth, car registration etc. No one will care about that, and it will be easier for mobile to integrate right?

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    ... but he can reverse a binary tree on a whiteboard. So its all cool
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    On a completely different note: I'm glad you have less rants, which probably means your "new" job is a much better fit for you and that's great. I have noticed that all classic ranters have left and Devrant has become a bit stale. What your opinion on this?
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    @Charmesal trying to remember which "new" job you know about. Pretty sure i'm not there anymore haha.

    My new new job is great, in terms of what i'm doing and the people inside the company I have to deal with. Have to deal with many external people that bring back warm fuzzy (suicidal) memories. And a bunch of partially abandoned open source projects that are super critical to what we are doing

    ... so yeah, varying degrees of fun. I do have plenty to rant about, just too busy to write it down. Need to work on that.

    Re: devrant itself. I only ever followed a small handful. I mainly used it to rant about my stuff, wasn't in the right mindset to listen to others lol. I have noticed less eye catching content over the past while. But I still see it as a nice place to moan anonymously, so i'll probably be popping in/out for a long time
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    @Charmesal I'm baaaackkkk! OG ranter in the house.
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    And yes, it's because my current job is a shit show.
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    @practiseSafeHex you got another new job? I've been gone too long I see. I'm glad you feel at home there but at least they are keeping you down to earth with some fun people and projects haha.

    But the madness and fun are balanced well enough for you to keep wanting tk work there?

    That's completely fair. As a student I don't have too much to rent a out work life so fir me this was a nice place to read rants haha. But you're right, it's still a nice place to vent for a lot of people
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    @atheist oh damn. Good to have you back, but it's also sad to have you back as your job isn't great then. Damn. But look forward towards your rants.
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    @Charmesal Yeah I got another new job summer time this year. Last place was a startup that lost its funding. I will probably rant about that at some point in the future.

    I can see myself working here a good while. The entire leadership are developers, so we all think the same about how the company should run. Meetings are rare because everyone understands that you need time and space to actually get the thing done, before having a meeting to discuss it.

    They also have me working on lots of meaty technical challenges, which I like. So it probably all worked out for the better ... but i'll still moan about how I got here ha
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    @TheCommoner282 🙌
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    I have to add to this:

    In my opinion is diligence a quality that differs a junior from a senior developer.

    .. or at least should:

    those non technical abilities like refactoring, if needed (and not developing the next feature) is strongly undervalued and not talked about.

    I believe you get payed to say no, I am not yet finished with feature A (as functionality is there, but code is a total mess) and clean up first before moving on.

    .. Product Owners / Managment mostly will not have the ability to evaluate the need for refactoring and needs to be restrained in their feature famine!

    Problem: value of this only shows in the long time and therefore will not be visible in many cases
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    @TheCommoner282 the problem is what is failed duty of diligence?

    If you're first week on the job and you take out prod, that's someone else's fault. The senior person that shouldn't have given you the keys to the castle, the person that should have taught you.

    If we had a duty of diligence, in that situation who do you think would get fired?
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