Renaming your master branch to "main" is racist. When Git was created, there were no connotations related to slavery. Also, the word "master" has many meanings, and in the context of computer technology, "master" has nothing to do with slavery.

When I tell that to people, some of them say "but wait, you're white, so you by definition can't understand feelings of black people".

Feelings come from one's mind. Proposing the situation where I can't understand something because "only black people understand it" implies white and black people being different in their cognitive abilities, and that's fucking racism right there.

Ability to understand cultural and historical phenomena does not depend on race. Anyone who says that without a biological proof is a racist.

I find it ironic how it's microsoft who almost enforced this on GitHub while themselves supporting literal concentration camps: https://github.com/drop-ice

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    Couldn't care if it was named main. It doesn't affect my life
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    but by making a deal out of it it demonstrates that they were thinking in racist terms looking for something to be pissy about all over again.

    priceless :)
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    @jespersh I couldn't either its that they went out of the way to add to my countries collective idiocy of which we presently have so much already.
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    I read that the choice of naming Git's default branch "master" was related to BitKeeper having their main repo called "master". And in BitKeeper they did have master/slave model for repos.
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    @hobblin annnnndddd by having superficially caring individuals point out your 'handicaps' your whole life and sensitize you to them it continues the problem.

    everytime people like you make a big deal of something it fucks everything else up worse.

    if people are working in professions, if people are able to survive, if people are able to eat, if noone is in the street, these are the things that are important.

    you're as bad a kkk grand dragon with your rhetoric.
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    I've been naming my branches to <ticket_name>-slave-n, and set the production branch to cattle_master_prod for the past few years since this nontroversy out of pure spite.
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    The whole point of revising the language is to create division between groups. This is a tactic by subversionists. If people are divided they fight each other instead of realizing we are being manipulated by ALL the MSM into fighting each other. They don't want you to notice they are taking away all your rights and freedoms from every country on the planet. If people don't wake up to this reality and start paying attention you will find even speaking will be monitored and controlled. Platforms such as devrant will cease to allow free exchange of ideas. This is happening THIS YEAR. Buckle up, it is going to get worse.
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    It's ridiculous. At my last job I had to rename every "blacklist" to "blocklist" and every "whitelist" to "allowlist".

    It was at one of the big well-known corporations so nobody cared that it wasted weeks of engineering time.
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    Ubercautiously avoiding some trigger words isn't racist - it is just being extremely cautious.

    Expecting people with slavery background to be triggered by the word "master" in an IT context isn't racist either. It's just being paranoid.

    Getting triggered by "master" in an IT context also isn't a sign of racism - but exaggerated sensitiveness.

    And trying to force one's own opinion on others isn't racist either - it is just trying to be an autocrat (like Hitler, to get at least some Godwin in here).

    Naming the first branch "master" is fine.
    Naming it "main" is fine too and fits its most common role even better.
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    I used to care a lot about this because corporations are using this and many other superficial changes to improve their image without having to change their business strategy. The less related the topic of discussion is to the present reality, the harder it is for current and real demands - probably involving these companies - to manifest. In the past year though I've come to realise that current and real problems aren't discussed not just because corporations actively sabotage any meaningful discussion but also because people prefer simple problems with simple solutions, even if those simple solutions are much harder than a complex solution that addresses the complex real problem.
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    I agree wholeheartedly with @kiki, @Demolishun, @AvatarOfKaine, and anyone else who actually sees and understands what’s going on in the world.

    It isn’t about racism or vaccines or terrorism or helping the poor or immigrants or religion or taxes or /lgbtq[a-z]++/, it’s about stripping away citizens’ rights and freedoms, and replacing them with monitoring and control and fear.

    For examples, look at Australia. China. England. USA. Things that are happening in these countries would be unthinkable three years ago, and it’s likely to only get worse. Ruined economies, stalling global trade, inflation, people being fired/barred from working, countries infringing on their citizens’ rights, expanded government powers, increasing crackdowns and brutality, crackdowns on free speech, encouraging snitching on family members / neighbors / fellow citizens, unbelievable leniency towards criminals, news agencies all saying the same thing from the same perspective, increased propaganda, the spreading of fear, mandates “for your protection,” demonizing swaths of the population, unchecked immigration from unstable countries, multiple new lies from politicians and news outlets daily, heavily biased fact checkers, censoring on the news and social media, cancel culture, …

    I’m scared.

    And the scariest part of all is that people don’t seem understand, or worse: turn a blind eye because it doesn’t affect them personally today. But when it does? They’ll say “it’s too late; there’s nothing we can do.”

    I’m expecting either war or gulags. And since the majority of the countries have disarmed their citizens… what usually happens when people without guns stand up to people with guns?

    I desperately hope I’m wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.
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    it's telling how much this crap permeates our culture, so much that seemingly innocent words have f-ed up origins... 🤷
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    @Root I can't tell you it will be okay. But focus on people around you. Local action, national impact. Think school boards, talk to neighbors, etc. Stock up on food.

    I do believe we are close to an event. What that will be I do not know. But a major party leader of Australia has just given the bad actors a warning. Either shape up and turn against the evil they are doing, or suffer the consequences. He said after October there is no amnesty. Despite the ignorance in the media, the Australians are not disarmed. They just aren't supposed to have semi automatic or automatic guns. They do have guns, lots of gun. If it goes kinetic it won't be pretty.

    I don't know your believes, but prayer would be a good place. I myself spend a lot of time with my family and don't worry about what happens next. If I die, I die. But it will be hanging around my family, hopefully. Nobody is getting off this planet alive. Except for stinkin' astronauts.
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    Well I still prefer master branch than main. Calling it main branch is confusing because the main default branch is dev branch right?
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    @Root best use of regex, 10/10

    But more on topic: if we were headed towards a megacorp cyberpunk dystopia then I would expect that at least the vast majority of the world economy wouldn't still be running on fucking COBOL. Shit will crack under it's own weight is what I'm saying.
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    I have agreed that it's racist so I renamed it to "TheOwner" because this branch owns all the code at the end.
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    @Demolishun I just hope the TGV will run weeks after war breaks out, I need to get to Eastern Europe from England.
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    @lbfalvy haha. You think it's better there?
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    idiots. I noticed in github the default branch is main. wtf. Now really it makes me want to create branch master instead of main :)
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    It's quite funny seeing people freak over this. It's a silly, pointless change that does nothing and amounts to nothing. Out of all the things one could give a shit about, it's hilarious to waste one's time on this.
    Sure, change the master branch to yourmomma if you want, who cares?
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    we are slaves already , just we get paid but still slaves. Managers cause stress for us, fire us, takes 40 hours of our life everyweek.
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    The real question is "who profits from the races staying very clearly separated?"
    Because that's all this is doing. Every time I see a "main" branch now I think "oh yeah, black people are offended by branch names"

    Even this post and Its comments are proof that a significant portion of programmers now have forever git connected with racism and sensitivity.. who did this help I ask you? It certainly didn't help any black people because It's just a branch name... But it split the IT community in half and made one half (me included) kinda bitter about "progressive" politics, racism and censoring of "wrong speak"...

    *clap* *clap* *clap* good job. Now Im so hyper-aware of "racism" that I can't even look at a black person without thinking that they are the reason I can't speak freely now and Im forced into using specific words and names even when doing the one thing I really love since childhood; programming... Bloody good job SJWs, you achieved this!
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    @darksideofyay "crap" is the right description
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    In a very odd way this makes a ton of sense to me, at least from an IT point of view.

    I mean, how many arguments have you been in or read over naming variables? And now we're having them over naming branches in git while I can't even get my company to use branches; all work is done in main/master if git if even used at all.

    Humans are obsessed with labelling things. As root's wonderful regex pointed out, labelling oneself and forcing others to use the label you've chosen is the ultimate example of hubris. It's worse than picking your own nickname.

    This is just more of the same. Microsoft trying to make sure everyone knows it is pretending to be "woke" (whatever that means) by forcing their nomenclature on the rest of us.

    But, software groups have been doing this for YEARS!
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    @JustThat it's all about language games i guess. I don't mind it, mostly because language is always changing (ergo why we call people "fluent").
    it is more like to catch on if it's a big company, and i think that's a good use of power. tbh i haven't called it "master" in years... hadn't noticed it until now
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    @darksideofyay It is all about language games, true. But language is how you control a population: Make them use your terms, make them pay heed to the words you don't want used and pretty soon they have to start thinking the way you want them to because they will have lost the language to do otherwise.

    Yes, that's a bit of a stretch.
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    @JustThat not that much of a stretch, like i said, they're using their power for something good, if not good neutral at most.
    i get if people feel controlled by this type of thing, but we let that happen everyday, and not just from Microsoft. i mean, "to google" is a verb now ffs
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    Folks... How about chilling out a bit. It's just a name!
    It doesn't affect a lot of people, but for some people it is a progress. And for the others there is no negative effect. So why do you care?
    This whole rant is just a stupid complaint like "Meh things are changing, I don't want to adjust myself".
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    @iiii I just wanna get home, die along my loved ones y'know.
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    @Hazarth qui bono is always the question. the answer is anyone who is trying to avert our attention from other things.

    just like say for example temporarily making the world a paradise for young straight men until they're not so young anymore while doing all this fucked up shit, which in reality works as a catalyst to wake sane people up and reveal them it seems really.
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    @BixelPitch if i told you that the word banana meant being stuffed with a curved penis, and then demonstrated a case where it may be true and the wandered around after you yelling 'banana banana' that word would take on an emotional charge for you. its presenting something in a certain light, being framed in a certain way and then having a bunch of hypocritical people who seem socially desirable work off the desire to conform and be part of people and liked by 'pretty' people sit and act like this is normal and you're terrible if you don't agree because it has been framed inappropriately to be the great banana of racism, descending from the sky in horrific enormity to chase the proles back into their houses !
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    @BixelPitch as root said in a manner similar to what i once said, its a trend that was being designed willfully to propagate as much ill feeling regarding ordinary things, and which truly does become what all these riots over statues, and reproductions of clashes with the police, and repeat fires, and everything else truly are: a national distraction from what is really wrong so silly and stupid and cumulatively idiotic it makes the entire time period seem like what it is: utter trash.
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    I was irritated by the change and the pretentious ask to change my repo names but I think the sentiment is going in a very extreme direction/hyperbole here. This isn't the end of the world? I don't think SJWs really have a plan for domination. Mostly just people looking for their moment.
    Corps on the other hand....MS barely gets any shit outside our rant bubble about being a spyware OS. So many companies are built around Windows. Multiple dev conferences (unrelated to Windows/MS) softly advertise Surface tablets. Thanks to games, Windows is first and primary OS for a lot of kids.

    This fluff stuff reminds me of tethics from Silicon Valley. Just a dude needing validation, making no contributions, coasting on happenstance.
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    @anux no by itself its not the end of the world.

    add chapelle being called by a new term, a black guy who was pretty balanced in his humor making fun of black and white people both just white people a little more :P

    and a decade of stupidity before hand and you have the problem.

    its just the straw and its meant to be
    its meant to make people think of the people who's product we all rely as stupid hipsters with nothing better to do.
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    @AvatarOfKaine Hmm. I see your concern but can't relate. Here's hoping your fears don't come true.
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    @anux https://youtu.be/K5Lv6t0moFY?t=254

    why did they keep kenan and get rid of bill hader ?
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    @AvatarOfKaine Sorry but I have no idea about it. I haven't watched a lot of SNL and recognise the performers mostly by face only. Pretty sure the guy in the video had a role in Brooklyn Nine Nine.
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    @Hazarth try living in a big city. I have seen actual white nationalists come to the aid of blacks being attacked. I have seen bloods gang members save whites from beat downs. I've seen Mexican cartel run off drug addicts harassing blacks and whites. I've seen muslims help outright anti-Muslim Christians, and I've seen Christian's help anti Christian muslims.

    The race and religious shit isnt going to work to divide people anymore.
    I think what's happened is a lot of otherwise toxic people who didnt have much of an identity to begin with, basically stuck with their ideologies more as a form of pride than strictly hatred. And that this is basically more of a reaction to the overbearing conformity that modernity tries to impose, reaction, rather than the "extremist" movements that the news has so many of us worried about.

    Otherwise you wouldnt see these wildly differing groups running to help each other.

    Theresa strong movement to deradicalization in America today.
    The news be damned.
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    @AvatarOfKaine With the difference that "master" relates to a word which is in fact historically bad connotated and may hurt people and your example is just obscene.
    Nothing should be banned by public laws, but if a person or a company decides to, you must suck it or leave.
    In my opinion there is a line between you can say x and should not say y. I guess we all agree saying the n word is bad... And imho Master/Slave is not good either. The topic "blacklist"/"whitelist"... Well imho these are just colors and people made it to be political relevant.
    Generally speaking: caring about what and why something is being said and trying to not hurt anyone is a honorable thing. But every has to decide themselves to say or not to say controversial words. Live and let live.
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    @BixelPitch what is wrong with master/slave terminology in technology? Not in regards to people in the slightest? How can it even possibly hurt anyone with a damn computer if real world slaves can't even have one

    ps: words are not controversial. Meanings that people attach to them are. And mixing meanings is stupid beyond reason
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    main is shorter than master, that's positive.
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    @iiii in essence you’re hitting my point
    Also slave is not used in GitHub

    Hard drives used to use the term pairing when we had ide drives
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    @BixelPitch to counter also master has been used to describe someone who was fluent in a trade
    It’s been used to reference a teacher
    It’s been used to reference the lord of a household

    It is part of the English language

    I not being a slave and in fact being quite white may refer to god as my lord and master

    The marine corps rifle mans crede uses
    The word master to describe their supremacy over the enemy they are fighting

    It’s just a word like any other

    They are making it out like we expanded the word to “lord of cotton picking people of dark complexion” because they’re trying to play into and pander to the idiot masses who persisted an old topic they didn’t really care about to cause strife because it amuses them

    That is literally all this stupefying bull shit is
    And. The next step if these people had gotten their way was more weaponiEd laws

    A kid got kicked out of college for not using “preferred” pronouns
    Which is bullshit
    “Here let me...
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    @BixelPitch .. cowtow to legislation and bylaws that forces me to confirm you in your likely very life altering and bad choice even though you didn’t opt for a pair of boobs so I know the difference”

    Heh or even if he did and it’s terrible
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    @BixelPitch related to this insanity was allowing men who were still packing gear to enter women’s bathrooms being contested at one point

    So hey if I’m a pervert all I have to do is wear a dress and lipstick and call myself a woman and I can walk in and pee in the woman’s stall oh yay
    That went over well

    Ask most females if they’d like to change in the men’s Locker room

    If they can swing that from age 16 onwards I think they might win their case

    Besides also to consider every bad call any legislative body makes serves to harden the position and capabilities of some group of deviant people

    Let’s stick to ordinary deviance and cut the stupidity out
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    @AvatarOfKaine god is a master cause people are his slaves quite literally
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    sort of...
    depends on which god you follow really.
    or your take on them.

    if they lighter aspects of the judeo christian god were all there were minus punishment for people who did heinous things etc and get rid of all the crap sin shit which is insensible and make them more.... guidelines with explanations

    eg adultery is usually wrong and in a primitive society fornication creates bastard children etc

    I wouldn't feel like god was a slave master in any sense.

    and most people who look at the lighter side of a religion tend to know their god this way

    its only kind of fucked up people who focus on the other attributes because by and large blind dogma is a bad idea.

    that being said if god told me to do something i'd do it :P lol
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    @AvatarOfKaine I am always questioning my belief systems. I have gained quite a bit of insight into them this way.
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    @Demolishun never be a sheep but you have to believe in something, the less you believe in truth the more easily you are controlled.

    aside from scenarios like my present one where sometimes inaction spoils their garbage ass fun.
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    @Demolishun on that note ever start seeing a lot of women you want to beg to eat a fatty steak or otherwise full meal they don't vomit up instead of making perverse garbage horny ?
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    Oh come on, can this topic die already?! At this point I'm way more offended by reading rant number 84618 about this topic than I am about anything to do with git itself.
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    @AlmondSauce no, this is the first rant on this topic. You may have been left under the misapprehension that you’ve already seen similar rants, but none of them was written by an intelligent person (e.g. me), so they may as well not exist.
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    @kiki Truly you have a dizzying intellect.
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    @Demolishun other rants are basically reeee sjw bad. My rant is brilliant:
    - engaging premise
    - philosophical paradox
    - eye opener on Microsoft.

    It raises awareness. It introduces people to the culture of conceptual, abstract thinking. It leaves reader with ability to make impact.

    Short written text doesn’t get much better than that.
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    @kiki ever wake up realizing you want to father a new race and kick the crap out of the corrupt people who took over your country a few generations later ?
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    @kiki i'm having a moment again lol
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    It's was always main in the specification
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    By the way I just noticed that the docs (both on the website and in man) still call it master, including in the command examples which now fail by default. Not to mention the git book, which is also sold in paperback, but the ebook version isn't updated yet either. I for one take it as a red flag if the command examples in a program's documentation don't work on a standard installation of the latest version.
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    @lbfalvy they don't want the extra work when they change it back in a year heh.
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