3 months to get married:
* gets another client, everything good

2 month to get married:
* lose previous client, all good, the previous client didn't pay as much as the current one

1 month to get married:
* previous client don't wanna pay for the previous month
* lost the second client

Great job 👍 debts + no fucking job

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    If you had a contract, get a lawyer.

    If you didn't have a contract, get a contract for next time, and make sure your new lawyer approves it.

    Either way, watch this, the best piece of advice a contractor can get: https://youtu.be/jVkLVRt6c1U
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    @atheist I have a contract. Yes, I'm looking up a lawyer.

    Thanks for the advice
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    @ChristoPy and male sure that the work you have now is priced in the fees.
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    Talk to a divorce lawyer before you get married. Talk to the priest when you divorce. Best advice I ever received
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    Update: now my fiancee had all her assets blocked bc she had a college debt that she didn't know about
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    @ChristoPy That sucks man!
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