Urgh.. the amount of things you have to know as a developer.. it can get stressful and frustrating sometimes when (in-depth) technology knowledge is demanded from you (for instance, for a job position)..
It's like being a doctor, being a lifelong student.

A few examples of what I had to know during my career:
Java, .NET, Python, PHP, JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3, Sass/Less, Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS, Vue.js, Cordova, Ionic, Android, design patterns, SOLID, databases (design, implementation, administration, both NoSQL and relational,..), deployment tools (Octopus, Jenkins,..), VCS, CI/CD, HTTP, networking, security (OAuth2, CORS, XSS, CSRF,..), algebra, algorithms, software testing, profiling, Linux, Unix, Windows, MS Office (advanced mail filtering,..), ITIL, IT Law (licensing and its implications when choosing a product, distribution right,..), server architecture,..

Sure yeah, I know, I've studied all that at university but.. it's been too long (almost a decade now). I have to revisit that knowledge.

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    Boss: But do you know kubernetes?
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    @Devnergy Oh yeah.. that one too. : )
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    Tbh, if the field didn’t require me to keep on learning new stuff, replacing outdated information with new one in mah brain and all that jazz, I’d probably get bored very soon. I like it that way. Life-long learning ftw. I see what stagnation does to people. I don’t want to join that sorry bunch.
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    I enjoy life long learning especially of front end dev like HTML, CSS, UX, UI, also back-end stuff like SQL, Doctrine, Symfony, so many things have improved (even JavaScript and PHP), but then there is stuff I could do without, like spending days configuring Webpack and its plugins only because company policy decided that every project needs to use Webpack (replace Webpack with any other tool or task you could have done without or delegate it to somebody else: sprint planning, estimations, and last but not least, taxes and preparing paper work for tax declarations etc.)
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    @fraktalisman Yeah.. the nightmare of Webpack, instead of letting us focus on production code..
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