Why the fuck would iTunes or any product from Apple (or anywhere) care what Outlook is doing or if it's even there?!?

I have no settings, add-ons, mods, apps, or anything that would justify this!

And it came TWICE in a single update installation!!!

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    Maybe it wanted to update a DLL in use by Outloo*? Or it had a lock on a file iTunes wanted to update.

    * "Typo" damn intentional.
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    Well at least it didnt tell you "it appears you are running windows, please sell your computer and buy a new super expensive Mac if you would like to install iTunes."
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    or "It seems like you are using outlook.. please use Apple iMail instead to proceed with the setup"
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    maybe iTunes installs a plugin or something... no idea why it would have a plugin for outlook but who knows
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    Why bother installing iTunes?
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    @jerodev Rich enough to buy an iPhone. Too poor to buy a mac.
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    You have to close outlook because you can't have two programs getting lousier with every release at the same time.
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    As with everything made by Apple, it just doesn't work like it should really. And on a related note, I'm not sure if it's only me but iTunes is so badly developed on Windows, it hurts my soul to even look at it let alone use it.
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    Pretty sure iTunes used to sync contacts and such from your pc. So maybe it's something to do with that.
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