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    For those interested

    Edit: wait, don't tell me the whole code was originally written in pure assembly. Holy nuts...
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    Code reviews must have been painful. "Who wants to review my code here?" The room clears out in .34 milliseconds. :P
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    Thing about assembly is you spend a day or two programming in it and it becomes just as natural as C. The beautiful thing about its simplicity is its drop dead easy to learn. It is unfortunate that reading it is still a chore unless it's heavily commented.
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    I call bullshit on this code being the actual operating code
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    My question is, Who the fuck bothered to print all that shit? I mean, what's the use?
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    @Aeron it's also 1969. Hell some computers used a printer instead of a screen for readout back then, so for reference. It was common practice in those days to print the code listing. The only known copy of v1 unix was on paper at one point.
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    Total respect 💖
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    I would've definitely banged her.
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    @runfrodorun the problem is not to program in assembly, it's to optimize it
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    Salute to Margaret Hamilton...

    In today's time, we can't even bear to use C/C++... And, this lady has written code which could make space travel a reality... And, that too in Assembly...

    Respect, indeed.... 🙏🙏
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    @GarreauArthur a good human and a good compiler are generally comparable. That's why not a whole lot of programming happens in assembly any more.
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