Typical code comment

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    This is why I hate comments 😂
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    //This was a comment ^

    Print("Hello World");
    //Prints Hello World
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    And like most comments it's a wrong description of what the thing actually is. That is not a floor.
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    @JavaSlave it is a wet flat surface of a room that you walk... thus is it is a wet floor lol
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    @jonjo it's not a flat surface and unless you're Jesus I doubt you can walk on water. So it's not a floor even if it looks like one.
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    I like comments. You can use them like headers. Sure, if you look at the code for a while you'll figure it out, but "headers" make it easier and quicker.

    The concept with headers have worked quite nicely for other forms of text for thousands of years so I see no reason to not utilize it for code.

    Sure, there are exceptions. For instance if you're writing code for a legacy system and need to save disk space you might want to exclude those superfluous bytes.
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    @JavaSlave are you saying there is no floor to the pool?
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    // Starts remote computer
    void StartRemoteComputer() {...}

    So, the StartRemoteComputer function actually starts a remote computer. Wow. Who could have guessed?
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    // TODO: add relevant comment
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    typical warning
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    @JavaSlave Indeed, it is - well at least for the specific species of water-spiders...

    Which in this case would also represent a typical code comment...
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    299. One more for a stress ball!
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    You're welcome.
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    @gloslistan I use comments in the same way - as headers for quick reference. I'm torn though... I like comments as long as they're to-the-point, but I also know people who abhor them. At work, they're a must, considering I'm not the only one working on the project (and our lead is remote), but in my personal projects, I keep them a little bit less verbose.
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    You, Sir, made my day 😂
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    Great value of information.
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