Where do y'all host your servers at?
I'm currently renting at Contabo.com (4 Cores, 12GB RAM, 300GB SSD, 100/100 unlimited for 9 bucks a month) but I'm interested in other options as well ^.^

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    Jesus, that seems like a steal. I'm using digital ocean
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    Ehost in Texas, 1.60 a month. Unlimited bandwidth and storage. https://www.devrant.io/rants/431968
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    I run my daily servers at Scaleway.com, and I have three more powerful servers at https://www.hetzner.de/en/ in Germany. At one point I had two servers at Nocix.net in Kansas City, but I decided to stop using them because of latency to Norway.
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    I seem to have unlimited Azure usage. Seriously, I've never once been charged for my dev machine, with four cores and 32gb of ram.
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    @monr0e interesting. Could you look more into it and report back? I've always been interested in azure and aws but could never fully commit
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    Digital Ocean mostly. It just worked, have no problems with it and the question threads are a great source of information, even if you don't use DO, but looking for cheaper solutions.
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    Have a root server with i7-6700, 64 GB RAM, 20 TB trafffic and 1000/100 Mbit Link for just 55 € at Hetzner.de.

    Thats for me a steal, but remember you pay a setup fee for rootserver starting at 100 € and these system are unmanaged. They just do the hardware, SW is your beer here.
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