I just installed Arch on my laptop. Therefore as of the rules, i need to adress this fact to you.

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    This fact is acknowledged.
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    @JavaMustDie inb4 i install LFS ;)
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    Now be prepared to include a hint that it's arch in every single screenshot you make too
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    Your google search history is about to change forever
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    May I just inform you that you are actually using GNU + Linux or as we like to call it GNU/Linux.... Haha
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    Is Arch the new vegan atheist?
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    @JavaMustDie oh how cute, no LFS?
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    should i build arch
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    @dontPanic I think gnu/linux is the vegan, arch is the atheist.
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    @juzles on the contrary, you start looking for a deity after you install it
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    You missed the "fuck windows 10" part
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    @JavaMustDie why gentoo so popular in some comunity? :|
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    Welcome to the club. 👋 Well, first rule: don't tell other people anything related to the club.
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    @h20ray build Arch if you wanna have always cutting-edge apps, It has the biggest community support IMO
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    @juli14159 Instantly. Must be something weird with your chip?
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    @juli14159 very weird indeed... I have no clue. Just worked for me
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    Buzzfeed headline: is Arch the *gnu* vegan atheist van-dwelling nomad?

    No, goddamit. But also yes.
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    @Dev-3 like they would even fucking know what Linux is
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