Hey guys :(
The rant will be long.

Today was one of the worst day ever.
I'm feeling so shitty right now.

I'm 19 and I started my apprenticeship about a half year ago on a very small company.
From day one I had many things to do, every day is hard and a new experience. But I'm learning a lot.

Two months ago I had my very first presentation for a client. I was really excited and nervous but everything was fine and the client as well as my boss were proud of me.

Today I should present again a prototype for the same client. But this time not directly personal, instead we did it via TeamViewer. After the client finally found out, how to open and start this shit, the disaster tooked its course.
After explaining him the conzept, I wanted to show him in the software. For some reason it suddenly stopped working. I've just made a change recently which leads in all appeareances to an error .
Because of that error I couldn't proceed, so I have to explain and show him the data I created before I made the changes.
With that everything Just worked fine, I could explain and visualize everything. It didn't Matter and didn't changed anything, only the Name was a Name from me.
The client was very relaxed about this error. He said that it is a prototype , it is not serious.
Furthermore I showed and demonstrated him everything.
But my boss wasn't very surprised and Happy about me. He made me responsable for the error, I should have prepared everything better and this all was Shit.
This made me really,really sad. It sounded so hard.
I know that I've made a mistake, but it's human. I'm only 19. I'm not perfect. Sure, I could have prevented it, if I had tested all possibilites right after I had made the changes again. I prepared the whole presentation on the weekend, on my personal freetime. I spent so often so much time in my freetime just for my job, for my apprenticeship. To get what? A fat bite, a kick in the ass. I'm doing so much, but this is not acknowledged. But when I make something wrong - then I'm the shittiest person.

Damn. Don't know how to handle this situation. This has gone to far today.
Yeah, I could have tested More, but I only tested the existing Data. I prepared the presentation very Well. This is so sad.

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    Don't worry Dude. Your already miles ahead of the average devs your age. Think about it. People normally graduate when they're 22 and get there first professional experience at 23. If they even get hired. Keep it up 👍
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    Yup ! To fuck things up happens to all of us ! I fucked up the prod of one of our clients no later than last Friday :)

    What you *really* need to focus on is:
    - why did that happen? Try to find the root cause, were the tests insufficient ? Did you do something you shouldn't have? Have you forgotten to do something ?
    - take an action that makes this mistake impossible to happen again. A standard on testing, on deploying, a better deployment process...
    - check that your action works at some time in the future, if not, iterate !

    Do that with all your problems and you'll become an invaluable asset for any company, whether you make mistakes or not :)
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    Listen, I've been a developer for 20 years and there are still times I start to demo things only to find they don't work as I expect! This is a law of presentations!

    Try not to take this so hard. 1) The client understands the nature of a prototype. Doesn't sound like it'll be a deal breaker and 2) Your boss will probably calm down and get a sense of perspective. If he doesn't, suggest that next time he provide you with some support to check things before demos if they're THAT important. You shouldn't have to carry ALL the responsibility at your level.

    I expect you won't make the same mistake again. This is an experience - that's what we talk about when we say you need "experience" to get better. It all counts.
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    Just want to add my 2 cents...

    There is one thing I must congratulate you: you did not freeze.

    Sometimes that little apparently harmless change might affect other parts. To anticipate these outcomes you will learn with experience, and if you can't see them you will learn to test beyond the obvious. Its not bad and it will happen, great learning opportunity!

    What I find amazing is that a 19yo junior dev had he's demo go to hell and did not freeze and managed to give what seems to have been a successful presentation!

    Congrats man! Keep at it, never give up, learn and grow
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    @JavaMustDie yes you are! Haha that's hilarious! My name should be PythonMustDie
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    @JavaMustDie ahh my eyes are bleeding!! Well.. good luck to you with that. Haha :)
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    @JavaRules @JavaMustDie this is hilarious
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    Keep calm and carry on little dude. Don't take failures personally. Everyone has these problems sometimes. Just learn from it. And record a demo video in case shit hits the fan.
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    Do what you like and dont let haters ruin your day. :)
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    @javarules and @javamustdie it's time for some Kotlin hope ;)
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    19 year people rule! You got a 19 year old bro here man 👊 don't worry about what happened man, keep working hard and every failure you make is a new lesson learned! Just keep your focus in the road in front of ya.
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