Reminder to look after yourselves.

Today I found out I've had hypertension and possibly an unruptured aneurysm. Resulting from stress at work and home, overworking and bad diet from having to keep my engery up for work. (over the last around 2-3 years).

Luckly I've moved away from stressful situations now so I'm feeling like I've dodged a rather large bullet!

Look after yourselves guys, take breaks, check your caffeine, sugar and cholesterol intakes and keep active! I reckon the 6 days a week football training saved my life!

hypertension is a silent killer and can cause fatal damage to your organs such as kidneys, lungs, eyes, brain and heart.

Luckly it spotted it early with a blood test and optician visit. I had a hemorrhage in one of my eyes but wasn't until 6 months later GP noticed signs of kidney damage from my blood test it was found!

I should be fine but look after yourselves! You're more important than that deadline!

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    Wow... good you found a solution to reduce stress.
    A good friend has been in a similsr situation and developed problems with his health.
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    Seconding the look after yourself. I was in ICU last year, still recovering. Has been a rough year for a lot of us so you're not alone 💕
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    And drink lots of water and beware of eye fatigue. I now need sunglasses to work and two different eye drops due to years of dehydration and too much screen exposure.
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    so you now can unsarcasticly say "this codebase gave me an aneurysm"?
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    Look after yourself mate, sorry to hear that. Glad they caught it and you're able to sort things out before anything worse happened 👍
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    Damn! So many things all at once.

    Sounds scary and I fear the same.

    Need to start my therapy. My father has been making my life a living hell since I was born and I am actively trying to get away from him.

    My headaches have increased and I fear I might face a similar fate if I don't start taking care of myself.

    I get anxious a lot and worry a lot. That further leads to making me stressful.

    You are right. Health is more important than wealth.
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    Get some sports in. Total gamechanger for me! Going for a run in my lunchbreak or so helps so much for focusing in the afternoon. Also, getting some fresh air helps for brainstorming over coding issues ;)
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