First day of my first developer job is Monday. Oh shit. Nerves are starting to set in. What if I’m not good enough for the job? I mean I didn’t the coding assessment they wanted me to do. And passed. Which is why they gave me the job. But fuck man I’m nervous! I have never had a job like this before. And it’s remote after my first week. Oh shit.

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    It's your first job! No-one is going to be expecting you to hit the ground running on day 1 - it's going to take time for you to get a rhythm going, and that's absolutely ok.

    My one "top tip" would be to make sure you ask questions, and write the answers to those questions down so you have them as a reference in future. Generally speaking no-one will mind if, especially as a junior, you're asking a bunch of stuff (even if it seems simple.) What can annoy people though is if you're asking the same question 5 times over the course of a week because you can't remember what someone told you.

    That being said, good luck and I'm sure you'll do great!
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    @AlmondSauce thank you for the tip and the encouragement. I really do appreciate it!
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    You got this.
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    You sir, are an imposter!
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    You got this mate. I'm sure they hired you for a reason, so stop fretting.

    No one expects you to hit the ground running on day one. Ensure you read all the documentation available to you, especially new joiner stuff if they have one. Also, try to form a good relationship with the people you are going to be working closely with.

    All the best
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    Document everything, if not for the company but for yourself later, there will become a time where no one's used or dev'd on a project for long enough and no one knows how things work.

    Ask questions, lots of questions, but don't keep asking the same questions.
    Get the answer and write it down, if you need a deeper dive into something then that's fine but asking "where is x function and what does it do" several times a week shows you're not taking notice.

    Don't stress!
    Don't worry if your code doesn't work first time, you're a junior after all.
    Don't worry if your pull/merge requests are being over examined, your new after all and a good dev will be blocking your changes if they are a cause for concern, this is normal.

    And most importantly, no matter how good the company seems, there's always - and I mean always - a shit code base laying around somewhere.
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    No1 Advice:

    You're likely gonna get a buddy dev to show you how to get stated.

    If they ask you to do something like "just clone this git repo, tell me when you're done then we'll go to step2" and you're not sure how to do it:
    1. Be honest but say "I'm nervous so kinda forgot the exact command for cloning a repo - but I'll Google it"
    2. If you don't find a solution after a few minutes don't panic and try to post stackoverflow questions about how to do it - just ask the buddy flat out "I Legit forgot - please show me".

    PS: You don't have to be 100% focused on getting your dev work up and running. Find time to ask questions about the org, the team, the project. Like "I noticed I get logged out of your app sometimes - why is that? Would love to work with that" - us devs love hearing new hires that have an idea or at leat ambition about improving our stuff.
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    if you’re not sure about something ask your peers, don’t assume stuff. It will be hard at the beginning, but keep going and I promise you’re only going to get better. I wanted to quit at the end of my first month as dev because I hardly got anything done, so I know how you feel. Good luck, you got this.
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