I'll forever preach about vim.

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    Is this in the context of preaching about hell and what you must do to avoid it?
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    Vim is the true word of God.
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    Religion wars starting here...
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    The only one who could ever teach me... Was the son of a preacher man....

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    Worked at a local ISP a few decades ago. My co-workers used nano or pico because vim and emacs were too complicated for them. As I joke, I replaced all the editors on the server with vim. We had a lot of server reboots that day.

    Eating lunch alone was fun.
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    With vim bindings in almost every ide/editor now we can break away from the Roman Catholic Church while keeping our faith in tact. So that is nice.
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    @BobbyTables yo. this dude came looking for beef! you seen my handle?
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    @jUsT-jAsE use what’s better suited for you, personally I don’t like Visual Studio so much (I used to love it until I started to heavily use Visual Studio Code) and now I prefer Vim over both but I still believe which Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code may be a better choice for many
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