Reddit never fails: someone git init the constitution

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    There was an project for the german constitution. It was abandoned, because the german gouvernment pretty almost works on paper, the rest is hot air.
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    Ah! The classic gold comment.

    Saw this again after a long time.
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    Even if they adopt git, the commits would be made by a bot or some poor fellow with messages like "changes done". No traceability whatsoever

    The ambition is too good to be realized
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    @asgs Yeah you're right. If there is the possibility to shirk on responsibility or accountability, you can bet your bottom dollar they will use it.
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    Honestly yes
    I read some law changes that take effect tomorrow in Germany, and their "diff" is just a list like that and it's horrible to understand
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    The next step forward would be to write it in a specification language (e.g. Alloy) so you can use an analyzer to check for contradictions/weird loopholes.
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    This ideas are just perfect
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    @NickyBones yes that sounds good, but then no politican would understand the laws they make

    oh wait that's already the case
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