I'm truly surprised how well Linux is coping with my 32GB RAM dev laptop :)

Currently open and actively used:
1. 2x Chrome windows (70-100 tabs total)
2. 5x IntelliJ Idea projects
3. 3x AndroidStudio projects
4. 2x different grade daemons

Still snappy, still quick af!

I wonder how windows would handle that. From my xp 2 IDEs already were a struggle

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    I'm using a full VM almost every day together with everything else. The only issue I have ever is VM may get glitchy sometimes, but windows itself is always fine. And VM actually uses half of 32Gb of RAM and half of the logical cores, so windows is left with the other 16.
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    Why do you have 100 of tabs open....

    It's so inefficient it bothers me everytime I read about someone / see someone using it. Oo
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    @IntrusionCM I have 450. Consider it a coroutine system. When I have something urgent to do, I just push onto the stack and then pop when I'm done. Roughly twice a year some massive blocker is resolved and I get to close several hundred.
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    > I wonder how Windows would handle that

    You would not even get there.
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    @lbfalvy same, I do the fucking same and sometimes it gets embarrassing when I share my screen or share my screen with some bouba senior who'll always point at it.
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    @anux Oh, I never close tabs while sharing my screen.
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    I have like 5 instances of Blender, 3 Android Studio, one Maya, a ton of tabs on FF, and Doom Eternal in the background

    Works like a charm, 16GB RAM Windows 10.
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    @RememberMe people really go too far in bashing windows lately 🤔
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    @RememberMe What are you doing with 5 blender instances??
    You must have a lot of graphic power.
    I was using blender on a decent work desktop (Quadro) but with two instances, one of them rendering a short animation, blender would slow down considerably.
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    @lbfalvy I don't either, hence the comments from people.
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    @anux Different assets I'm editing for a scene for my game. I have the assets linked into the scene file, so different .blend files that need to be open.

    I have a RTX 3070 so rendering is not a problem, but even then I wouldn't render multiple scenes at once (no point). Rendering one scene with OptiX Cycles and using another with Eevee works fine, but I actually prefer to use another networked machine to render using Eevee because it gets the job done for most stuff and I only need Cycles sometimes, and Eevee is so fast that the GPU hardware essentially doesn't matter apart from VRAM (that machine has a GTX 1650 that does the job most of the times). That way I can game while rendering :p

    If you're rendering on one instance and using blender on another, make sure you save at least one core and one graphics device (helps to have an igpu) for the instance you're using. Rendering code, especially ray tracing code, is really really heavy and will kill performance.
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    @iiii The bashing got so bad microsoft formalized it into the system: subsystem for linux.
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    Yeah, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it:

    I do not believe you. Not one bit.

    70-100 tabs spread across two Chrome instances?! Come on.

    And why the hell would you have eight different projects open at once? I can understand maybe two or three... an Android app, a back-end, and maybe some third service or something... but EIGHT? No.

    This reads to me like a Linux fanboy who wants to impress people with the "greatness" of his OS choice for personal validation.

    I don't call someone a liar lightly, but I just don't buy what you're saying, at all.
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    @RememberMe yeah I was using Cycles render. I ended up doing a similar thing. One machine for rendering, the other for sculpting/editing.
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    If only someone invented some way that browsers could store a link for later access even when the tab is closed. Something like a bookmark in the analogue world.
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    @Fast-Nop session managers?
    I generally use them to restore my hundreds of tabs if I accidentally close/have to close the browser.
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    @anux No, just remember the link so that it doesn't even need much RAM except some bytes for the link address. My idea is that you'd click on such a thing, then the associated website would load. Cool idea, isn't it?
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    The stuff that's listed seems to behave about the same regardless of the OS it's running on.
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    @Fast-Nop yeah? And a session manager does pretty much the same thing. Stores a link that you could reopen later. 😐
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    @Fast-Nop can't tell if you're trolling me. 😅
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    @anux it's not the same.

    A session manager store several open tabs for reopening.

    Bookmarks are stateless.

    I love bookmarks. One of the reasons I think 100s of tabs are inefficient is - to make an analogy - cause it's like coding in the living room while the whole family is present.

    I close everything I do not work currently on. Focus on one thing and do it well.

    Hence I use bookmarks. Some are presorted for tasks, but that's still stateless as they don't open all at once unless I explicitly open them all at once xD.

    I find it a very distracting and sad thing to have hundreds of tabs open. I like my clean mindset.
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    To clarify: Sad because you're reminded of all the stuff you still have ahead of ya.

    Which is depressing for me. 😭😱
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    $ ps -ef | grep -i jetbrains | grep -Evi "terminal|-toolbox " | wc -l

    Different people do things differently. I prefer the rabbit-hole method: I try to do a thing and run into an error. I google that error, open up 5 search results. Skim through all of them to see if they suggest the same fix. If they do - close 'em all and apply the fix. Else close all results but the ones with different fixes. Try fix 1. Did it work? no, I got another error. Was that fix1 that's bad, or did I fix my problem and now have another one? Google the new error. Rinse and repeat.

    Along the way I come along some interesting to read articles, docs, suggestions, etc., which I don't want to read now (bcz I'm fixing the err now) but I will later. Leaving the related tab(s) for context, unless they're utterly useless.

    + I'm building my app ground-up, so I have looots of topics to cover, loots of errors.. That's why the number of IDEs @fzammetti. And my WebStorms aren't yet open.
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    @fzammetti comment lost the screenshot
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    @IntrusionCM bookmarks won't cut it. Perhaps it's just me, but I HATE clicky-clicky all over the place, traverse those expanding lists and sublists to find what I want. If you see my screenshot, I do already have plenty of bookmarks. And yes, I do need them (it's my personal laptop, I use not only for dev).

    With Vimium extension and chrome's tab groups (see screenshot above) I can navigate among tabs very quickly. I don't even need to use the mouse... I can't imagine a faster and even more convenient approach TBH :)
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    @netikras So basically the solution to bad bookmark organisation is 32 GB of RAM and keeping everything open in the browser.
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    @IntrusionCM I guess it comes to working styles.
    I start new tasks with a clean slate but get to the point of many tabs/windows. My tasks usually last longer than a couple pf days and I like to maintain the state, it helps with my productivity. Bookmarks are harder to maintain for me.
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    @IntrusionCM And what @netikras said.

    Netikras. How cool is session buddy huh?
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    @Fast-Nop Can't believe I didn't see that. Ugh. So naive of me and so wicked of you. 😁
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    You must feel like a hoarder living in an empty Amazon logistics center. Soooo much RAM to fill...

    P.S.: While i also got 32 GiBs as RAM was damn cheap nine years ago, i rarely use more than 8 GiBs of it for applications.
    I use bookmarks and JetBrains' IDEs are surprisingly economical...
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    It depends on the disk access needs. The io is usually what kills Windows. With 32GiB you have quite some room on Windows too.
    When developing on Windows you usually need a vm for wsl or docker that means you have to allocate a fixed amount of ram and overhead.
    Linux is more recourse efficient in that sense (it is in general but not something that makes a big difference with 16+ gigs ram)
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    Damn it.. It's 16 GB, not 32 😁

    my bad...
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    @RememberMe really? I struggle starting up 16gb ram hp pavilion here
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