One of our previous clients is not paying the rest of the payments after receiving the codes. What are the things we can/should do digitally to make them pay the payment?

btw, it was a web app. we worked on the front end and the backend of the app. So, naturally we know all the API endpoints, we have the database access, and so on. So yeah, we can do so many things.

But still I wanna ask you guys, what would you do to make someone pay?

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    Talk to a lawyer - what you can and can't do depends on your location.

    You might be able to legally remove their access, it depends on lots of things such as what the law says, what your contract says, whether you own the servers or not,....
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    Did you get a contract? Without that you are fucked, unless you have any emails documenting the agreement. The solution is to not work without a contract (signed). Next stage is sell the invoice to a debt collection agency, you’ll get about 70% value and walk away.
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    Lawyer up, and (in future) make sure your contract specifies late payment penalties and the ability to recover legal costs from the other side if you have to get lawyers involved.

    Happens all the time in larger companies as a matter of course. You just get handed off to the legal department, screwed over as much as they can screw you over (usually a lot), and then blacklisted from ever being a client again.
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