postman to manually check api endpoint works

try again later, doing what you think was the exact same shit, which you've documented, reread your document get 404

fuck csrf

use debugger

find out its returning a 404 when the code i added fails, welp

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    How does code failure result in 404?
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    @asgs the same way 200 = error or 404 = unauthorised.

    Some APis really piss you off after a while.
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    @C0D4 Well, returning 404 on unauth access is understandable (obscurity)

    But code failures usually result in 500 or 200 (with or without an error) but 404 is new to me

    It is as good as calling some phone number which actually exists but the callee declines (because they don't like you) and your telecom provider then responds with a "number doesn't exist" message
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    @asgs some people just have no regard for standards and roll their own.

    Getting 200's back for failures of any kind is a nuisance of its own.
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