I swear my brain has 2 sides:
1: c or c++ would be great for this project
2: lol c++ hard so nodejs
1: but c++ would be so much faster and c-

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    Always: working version first, then comes the performance.
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    In what twisted world C and nopejs are even considerable as interchangeable?
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    What about a middle ground such as Java, C# or Go?
    Personally I love JavaScript but I hate Node.js for back-end since its tooling drives me crazy. I’d rather use Deno for that.
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    Often speed doesn't come from a programming language.

    I mean, I think nobody disputes that I can write code that executes slower in C than code that is written better in <insert slow language>, just by writing very inefficient O(n^2) code in C and good O(n log n) code in <slow language>.

    And if you write efficient code in a slow language, you get very far. Far enough to fill most web developers entire work life. Very few of us actually work for Facebook or Youtube. And that's also why PHP is still predominant.

    Also, not every part of an application needs to be as optimised. I mean, if something happens on a button click it makes no sense to optimise it past 200ms. If it is not a clicker game, that is. That's for frontend, of course. 10.000 Users clicking a button, leading each to a request to the backend is a different story.
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    Rust - best of both worlds!
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    For me:

    C! No, Ruby. But C is faster! But Ruby is faster to write. But C has smaller overhead. But you can make it nice and clean and readable with Ruby. But you’ll be more proud if it’s in C! Or I could start it in Ruby and then rewrite it in C… but then you’ll want to write it all OOP in C, so start with C…

    And then I take out the rum and have a drink instead. Rum — best of both worlds.
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