I swear my brain has 2 sides:
1: c or c++ would be great for this project
2: lol c++ hard so nodejs
1: but c++ would be so much faster and c-

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    Always: working version first, then comes the performance.
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    In what twisted world C and nopejs are even considerable as interchangeable?
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    What about a middle ground such as Java, C# or Go?
    Personally I love JavaScript but I hate Node.js for back-end since its tooling drives me crazy. I’d rather use Deno for that.
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    Rust - best of both worlds!
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    For me:

    C! No, Ruby. But C is faster! But Ruby is faster to write. But C has smaller overhead. But you can make it nice and clean and readable with Ruby. But you’ll be more proud if it’s in C! Or I could start it in Ruby and then rewrite it in C… but then you’ll want to write it all OOP in C, so start with C…

    And then I take out the rum and have a drink instead. Rum — best of both worlds.
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    Bipolar disorder?
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