The founder of a company I worked with is convinced that if you're a founder who argues with engineers, you're a bad founder.

He believes that any engineer knows engineering stuff better than any manager. It feels like common sense. Though it's a very rare point of view among managers. He agrees and says that managers only argue with developers because of lack of confidence, megalomania or some other ego issues.

So, all our arguments with him go like this:

— %Foundername%, we should change X, here's why
— Okay, discard existing mockups and go ahead

Or like this:
— %Foundername%, we should change X, here's why
— Kiki, I tried it, here's the evidence that our current stuff works better
— Okay

It's always this two ways and never something like "I'm YoUr SupErIoR sO I'm rIgHt", the stuff I heard in companies I worked for before.

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    I have the exact, and I mean exact same experience at my current work place. Looking to change company in less than a year and I'm afraid I won't get that same wonderful management ever again...
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    Wow, that is absolutely incredible.

    Similar but my boss is one of those rare combinations of former dev and tons of business acumen. So he's great at keeping the higher ups happy but also knows when to push back. Makes me not want to quit
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